"Once upon a midnight dreary,"

I gaze upon them all dark and weary

Upon them came the hardest pain

Brought to bear from other's gain;

I do my best to ease their suffering.

When one can see all that is wasting,

(The lives of those thrown in the trash.)

One ponders of society's rash.

Think of it if you will

Or better yet, leave it still.

To those who have

This life matters not

But to those who don't

It matters a lot.

I see it all in my job

Always wondering when the crowd

Will become a mob.

We try to help

We try to please,

But yet we can't…

Not even on our knees.

For some it is never enough

Even to be given what they lack.

They still spit in our face

And then they come right back.

Why do we work so hard for you?

Why do we care?


At the end of the day

Someone has to.