"A History of Then"

no way to react
than—I do
...in that twisting of your Eye...
pulling light in and toward you,
...a flush of genius
(high[ly taxing]—up)-on the descent...
...to empirical structure,
an Event,..'sthough muddied river's Horizon
—broadly littered as air-painted sky...
...and founded in fault
while I am receding

...where advance be misplaced
and any, misguided
--Here, riddled...with
What am I doing?

...where a laugh is proof
that a stone when slain still bleed
as though life – thy enemy,
...irreposed when-ever-drawn
within This –vetted singularity,
and so forever indisposed,
as am I;..

...it's been
'Just That'...
since I can remember...
the fear of fear lingering,
An Ode to Surrender
when tonally testing in marks of unconscious
as the task is gone
and I must sleep;

...so if this—The End,
let it be
'n not ruin.
no way to react,
then I do

...I know where I was,
but what was I thinking?
in the times when I Am
...and must forget
and I've reached the falls of Enveloped,
...then pushing for never return;

...a rose of insight blind to implication
and sacrificed to Finer