Darcell constantly ran through the darkness. She heard loud heavy beats behind her. She started to run faster.

"Come on, Darcell," she thought to herself "You can outrun this guy. You're the fastest in the school. Just keep on running, you'll be home soon."

Darcell picked up her pace then breathed a short sigh of relief as she saw the large building of apartments before her. She slipped through the doors and ran into the lift. She hastily pushed the button for floor 15. She sighed in relief and slid to the ground as the doors closed in front of her. She made it. She was safe. Whatever was outside chasing her was not going to get her. She got to her feet quickly as the doors open.

"Hey, Darcell," said a cool voice "Have you been running?"

Darcell looked up and blushed slightly.

"Uh, yeah," she said with a small smile "I guess you could say that."

A ginger boy with deep blue eyes stepped into the lift and stood next to her.

"Why were you running at this time of night?" he asked.

"Oh, you know me, Riley!" said Darcell swinging her hands behind her back "Just being me, needing to lose weight and all! Plus I didn't want to get caught after curfew."

"Curfew starts in another two hours for us."

"It does?"

Darcell felt stupid all of a sudden.

"I am so paranoid," she said shaking her head.

"You weren't running away from something were you?"

"Uh, um…here's my floor!"

As the lift opened, Darcell ran out and down the corridor. She hurriedly pulled out her keys and was about to jam them in the lock when Riley's pale hand stopped her.

"Very sneaky, Darcell," he said with a raised eyebrow "But my room is next to yours, remember?"

Darcell sagged her shoulders and sighed.

"I remember," she said in defeat.

"Were you being chased by someone?"

"I was being chased by something," said Darcell looking up "And I don't know if it was chasing me or not, but it was following me."

"An animal perhaps?" suggested Riley "A dog?"

"No," said Darcell "I heard some loud beating, like huge wings or something."

Darcell shook her head.

"It was probably my imagination," she said with a slight laugh "Happens a lot at night."

"I guess so," chuckled Riley "And by the way, your eye seems a different colour."

Darcell gasped as she reached for her eye.

"I need to get to bed," she said jamming her keys into the lock and twisting them "Goodnight!"



Riley blinked as the door was slammed in his face.

"That girl," he said with a slight chuckle.

He shook his head, unlocked his door and went into his room.