Silver woke up shakily. He was sprawled out on the bed, his wings awkwardly crumpled in the sheets, his six arms carelessly around himself. He had another nightmare.

Silver stood in the park in front of Darcell. She was looking at him with her deep burgundy eyes. Her face held no emotion as he looked at her, his heart hammering in his chest.

"What are you?" she asked with a sneer.

Silver tensed, clenching his fists.

"I am known as experiment Silver," he said in a hoarse voice "I don't know my name. So I'm just Silver."


Silver sighed to get rid of the tension in his chest. Darcell's gaze flickered before her eyes turned deep green like his. Silver gasped sharply as she started to cry small streams of tears. She shrunk slightly and her hair flowed down to the ground.

"Big brother," croaked the weeping girl "Where are you, big brother? Such white hot pain…big brother."

"Serenity…" said Silver as he reached out for her.


Silver halted as her body was engulfed in flames.

"Don't come any closer," said voices from both his younger sister and Darcell "You monster."

Serenity split into two people. One engulfed in flames, the other engulfed in shadows. Silver drew back in horror as both Darcell and Serenity looked at him.

"You abandoned me," said Serenity as the flames continued to lick her skin.

"N-No, Serenity," said Silver shaking his head "I'd never…"

"Don't lie," hissed Darcell as the shadows coiled around her "You only are attracted to me because I look like your sister so much."

"It isn't like that D-"

"Don't say my name, circus freak."

Silver's eyes glistened as the shadows around her turned into a person. Two strong yet gentle arms linked themselves around her waist as Darcell caressed the person's cheek. Silver felt himself burn with jealousy. He spread his wings out to make a charge at the young man behind her.


A small hand grabbed one of his wrists. Silver looked to see his burning sister looking up at him with tearstained eyes.

"You belong with me," she said as Silver tried to twist his way out of her grip "And Momma and Papa."

Two tall figures appeared behind her engulfed in flames like her.

"Son," said a deep voice "Where have you been?"

"Dear," said a lighter voice "I am not so sure if he is our son."

"Mother!" cried Silver "It is me! I am your son!"

"Now that you mention it," said the deeper voice "I am not sure if he is."

"It is, Father!" pleaded Silver.

"Serenity, dear, get away from this monster."

Serenity's grip loosened and let Silver's wrist go.


Silver grabbed Serenity's wrist and tried to pull her out of the fire.

"Serenity, please tell them!" he said

"Tell them what?" asked Serenity "You abandoned me."

"No I didn't, Serenity!"

He was pulled back by two strong arms. But not strong enough to hold him back. He grabbed whoever it was behind him and threw him onto the pavement.


Silver looked down at his attacker, unconscious. Blood seeped out onto the white pavement by his feet.

"NO!!!" came a scream.

Silver saw Darcell run up to the body and cradled the cracked head in her lap. Tears streaked down her cheeks as she looked up.

"How could you?" she whispered.

Silver's throat went dry as he tried to come up with an answer.

"You murderer!" she screeched at him "You killed him! I hate you! You monster!"

Silver then covered his ears as she continued to scream at him.

"No, no, this isn't happening!" he whispered "NO!!!"

Silver wiped his sweaty forehead. It was the worst one he had yet. It was always either seeing Serenity's ghost or seeing Darcell being with another man. But not the both of them turning against him. He hugged himself as he felt hunger take over him.

"I might as well get something to eat," he said to himself "Just to take my mind off things…"

His wings spread out as he flew through the broken window.