So we've come to the end of what I hoped was a great story. I'm sorry for the *coughs* slightly prolonged wait but thanks to everyone who stuck with it. So let me know what you think.

Chapter 13

It was 6 months after the ordeal before we got to have our dream wedding, it had a kind of western theme to it because we both decided that it seemed nicer. That and Leon heard about a certain part that he was thrilled to try. My parents had flown over and we decided to have the wedding on the lawn next to the lake. I stood in one of the extra bedrooms in the house as Mama, Grammy, Celia and Carlina got me ready. They insisted on doing everything and planning every inch of me. Butterflies flew all over my stomach. In less than an hour I would be married to my dream man and we would be unbelievably happy for the rest of our lives. I nearly gasped when Carlina pulled the bow around my stomach tighter.

"You must bear with it for little while Kaity." She said, completely occupied by the tying and pulling.

"I can bear with it but I don't think little Ariana can." Yup I was going to have a baby. I already knew she was a girl and I couldn't be happier. Even Gianni seemed to be all excited about being a big brother though he wanted a boy play to sports with. Leon, I could definitely tell, was thrilled to be having a girl. I guess he still thought of the daughter he had killed, she would have been about six now.

"I'm so excited, I have dreamt about this day ever since I took you home from the hospital." Mama said reminiscently.

"Oh my gosh mama, so you've always wanted to get rid of me?" They all laughed. After getting me fully dressed and putting on the veil the door swung open slightly. We all turned to the door.

"Mama there's chocolate cake outsi- wow mama looks pretty." Gianni said as he walked into the room. He looked absolutely adorable in his little tux, he was the ring bearer. I didn't even think it was possible but whoever fix him up got his hair to look somewhat straight, something I dared not try. Shire walked in behind him. He had a little bow tie around his neck and a dog coat. Gianni walked over to me and stretched out his hand for me to pick him up.

"Sorry sweetheart, mama can't hold you right now but gimme a kiss." He reached up to give me the kiss but Carlina grabbed him and pulled him away.

"No no no, unless you want to have smudge lipstick and a new mark on Gianni's cheek I will not advise a kiss."

"Exactly and shouldn't you be downstairs with all tha men right now?" Mama asked playfully.

"No, scary." Gianni replied, trying to hide in my dress. If he was in full white it could have worked. "Wanna stay with mama . . . "

"Aw you don't want to stay up here with a bunch of women sweetheart, we'll only put you in little dresses and take pictures." Gianni made a face, I could tell I was getting to him, "Wouldn't you much rather go out and play with Shire- as long as you stay clean." He had a tendency to attract dirt whenever he played with Shire. He nodded then ran out of the room with Shire at his heels.

"Those two are inseparable, how will you get either to play with Ariana?" Celia asked, amused by their bond.

"That is where bribes come in." I knew it and there was no point in denying it. "Whoever makes her laugh the most for the day gets a cookie or a treat, depending on who wins."

They laughed as if I was joking. If you could bribe anyone it would be Gianni or Shire.

"We should be heading downstairs." Grammy mentioned. "I think they are about to begin."

"Oh but we just sent Gianni to go play." Mama said thoughtfully.

"No worries Leon will get him once he gets to the front door."

"Alright then . . . I guess we should go . . ." Oh no mama was getting all teary. "I just can't believe this day is here."

"Oh mama don't cry, you'll ruin your make-up." It was the only thing I could think of to say.

"Yes, you're right." She put on a brave face and took my hand then we all headed downstairs. Once at the front door I took a deep breath before walking out into the bright midday sun. All eyes turned to me. There weren't alot of people present, just family and close friends but it still seemed like a lot. The music began. I looked straight ahead, trying to ignore all the stares.

There at the other end of the aisle were the two most important guys in my life. Gianni looked so much like his father as he stood by his leg with the rings. Leon was simple amazing. His hair, like Gianni's, was made to appear somewhat straight, alot of hair gel I'm guessing, and his tux just added to his grandeur. I almost forgot how to breath while I stared.

"kaity, go." I heard Carlina whisper. Apparently I had forgotten to walk too. Slowly I made my way down the aisle. My breath caught in my throat as I saw Leon smiling. How was it possible that I was going to be marrying such an amazing man. He was gorgeous, remarkable thoughtful, charming, and most importantly, as soon as we said the magic words, he would be MINE. That thought alone made me speed up. A few people began whispering but I didn't give a damn because now I was practically at his side. I saw Carlina snickering from the back row. Clearly I had made a fool of myself by speeding down the aisle but hey the sooner this thing went the sooner he would be all mine.

Half way through the ceremony I could see that Leon was about to convince the pastor to hurry but his civility kicked in so he held his tongue.

"Mama this is taking long." Gianni complained. The congregation began awwing and Leon chuckled, obviously pleased that his son said what he so badly wanted to. The reverend seemed embarrassed but I assured him that it was okay and that he could continue. Why I did was beyond me because the lord knew that I wanted to tell him to just skip to the part where we kiss.

"And now by the power invested in me by-"

"Speed it up or you'll lose your tongue." Leon threatened. I stared at him, silently telling him to behave.

"I now pronounce you man and wife you may kiss the bride." He hurried.

Before I had time to think I was pulled into Leon's arms. This kiss made me forget where we were.

"Ew." Almost. I pulled away from Leon and looked down at our son who was staring up at us. He was all wide eyed and innocent looking. "Shire did you see that?" Shire barked attentively. Everyone stood cheering as they laughed. I picked up Gianni.

"What is big idea interrupting my kiss?" Leon challenged him playfully. He giggled as he began squirming in my hands.

"Hey calm down or you'll ruin mommy's dress." I reminded him. He settled down but kept giggling.

Later, in the evening, during the reception Leon and I walked around trying to keep all our guests entertained. Leon didn't let me out of his arms for the whole time. Gianni and Shire were walking around with Carlina while Gianni got his wish- chocolate cake.

"Kaitlyn where have you been hiding this handsome young gentleman?" Elena, one of my employees, asked as we stood around in a small group sharing some laughs.

"She hides me in the bed and will not let me out unless I promise to come right back." Leon said with fake innocence. I felt the blood rush into my face as they all started laughing. That was so not true! Frankly he was usually the one who took me hostage, no saying I mind but come on that was nobody's business but our own.

"There's no point in blushing about it now, I'm sure you two have already had plenty of experience especially with this new little one on the way."

Leon and I smiled and he rested his hand over my abdomen.

"She is going to be beautiful like her mama." He said reflectively.

"Um can we have the bride and groom present by the lake front please?" Papa called. Leon and I made our way over to him. When we got there there was a chair waiting for us. I blushed. I was hoping to avoid this part of the night though I knew Leon was anticipating it. Papa gestured for me to sit in the chair. How could he watch his innocent princess have a man put his hand up my dress? Even though he was my husband now papa should have still seen something wrong with that. Everyone gathered around and some took out their cameras but the joke was on all of them because, as Leon would soon find out, during the entire ceremony and earlier part of the reception I was slowly pushing down the thing they had placed up my thigh for Leon to remove. He was going to have to push his had up my dress, boy was that a weird custom. He knelled and to his displeasure found it at my ankle but to my astonishment he pushed it right back up and then pulled it down. No one had to tell me that my face was bright red, which made a lot of people whisper and speculate.

Next was the throwing of the bouquet. I turned my back and let it fly. When I turned to see who had caught it I saw Gianni being held up by Carlina with the bouquet in his hands. The women cheered him on while laughing and he must have figured they were laughing at him because he shortly hid his face.

Later that night after everyone left Leon and I put Gianni to bed then went to clean up. By the time we were finished I was ready to collapse. Leon threw himself on the couch and I threw myself on him. My feet ached so badly.

"Are you ready to go to bed?" Leon whispered, he sounded just as exhausted as I felt.

"It depends."


"If you'll actually let me sleep."

He chuckled. "You have my word."

"Great so will you carry me?"

"Only if you are willing to tumbled backwards down the stairs. I don't think I'll be able to climb it myself much less while carrying two people."


"My daughter is not light."

"You can't count her as yet, she's not born."

"Well I did." He said lazily as he adjusted himself so he could reached my lips. As we both laid there in the couch, very determined to wait until morning before moving, I thought about how bright my future looked. It held promises that just a few years ago I would have thought impossible. When I was raped I thought it was the end of the world but I never imagined it would be the beginning. Because of that fateful day I was now going to spend the rest of my life in happiness. Now that I knew Leon and was married to him I found it hard to imagine myself ever hating him. It all seemed so long ago. Kaitlyn Kairo, age 23, my life had officially begun.

The End.