The creamy texture of her skin was caressed by the soft pale light of the moon, pouring itself gently over the smooth curves of her naked body, like spilled milk. She stood still, eyes closed and facing the water. The cold wind softly pushed her long waist length midnight hair and danced across her exposed skin. She breathed deeply and slowly with deliberation, her bare breasts rising and falling with each delicate purposeful breath. Her porcelain body faced the ocean with a sense of serenity. Shadows threw themselves gracefully along her slender shape. The salt water stung her throat as she inhaled with her pink lips parted. It was invigorating, wakening her senses and allowing her to really feel the night around her, to become the night. A trail of wet footprints in the damp sand led to where she stood just out of reach of the water, swaying lazily forward and trying to lick her toes without success.


Her long thin fingers were spread at her sides in anticipation. She inhaled deeply, feeling the soft spray of the cool water pricking her skin. She could feel the wind sliding in between the spaces between her fingers, as if it were trying to take hold of her hand. The star sprayed sky glittered down at her and the water, cold and distant but beautiful. Silver pinpricks in a dark night dancing across the dark surface of the ocean. Waiting.

Footsteps from behind reached her ears and her soft pink lips pulled up into a relaxed smile. Her pearls of teeth shone in the dark.

She opened her eyes when the tough leather of his fingers slid between hers. She looked at him with big doe eyes, a blue so deep he could have sworn they had been forged from the water before them. His tanned skin shone bronze in the milk moonlight that cast beautiful shadows across his naked figure.

His thick lips pulled up into a smile and his melting chocolate eyes gazed into hers with warmth.

Without a word they pulled their eyes away from each other and looked to the water. It lazily swayed back and forth, as if each wave was a breath of a living creature. They both inhaled softly, feeling the clean cool air slide into their lungs as they took a step towards the beckoning abyss. Distorted stars reflected coldly in the waves of the creature.

The water was ice on their skin but they smiled only wider, breaking gentle waves and stepping deeper into the cold, hand in hand. In complete silence they drifted out away from the shore, until their feet could no longer touch the bottom. Only the sound of shuffling waves and gentle wind touched their ears. The distorted reflections of the stars streaked across the glassy surface of the water around their naked bodies. They glided through the cold, moving with the current and feeling the gentle resistance when they moved against it. Laughter fell from their lips like precious jewels.

The stars glittered down at them as they swam in the sky.