Have you ever had that awful feeling of utter loneliness and unhappiness?

Like when you understand something, but when you try to explain it to another person, they only see the bad in it? They focus on that specific thing and keeps criticising, keeps criticising you for seeing the good in it, while it is a downright bad thing to them.

The frustration, the ANGER of understanding the damn thing in the first place. The loneliness... the unhappiness... the emptiness...

It's because they're too stubborn. They think all that matters is their opinion. They've got tunnel-vision, they don't use their creative minds.

God has given us each an astonishing complex mind, why is it that we choose not to use it to figure things out? Why don't we use it to see the good in the bad that surrounds us every day of lives?

That's what life is about. The good and the bad, because nothing about this world is perfectly good, except God.

- "The imagination is a gift from our Lord, it is not something that is earned when you're mature enough to use it correctly. It must be used for symbolizing life which holds all kinds of problems and bad things. It can only bring hope. It cannot destroy, make life worse or negatively affect out relationship with our creator unless we allow it to. Unless we make a fake god of it."