The world is full of misery

and I live in a land of shadows and darkness

trying to get a shitty part time job at "The Gap"

The pain is my liberty

and cutting myself a cure for my sadness

reflecting my being painting everything in black


My daddy doesn't get me

and I'm sure my mommy hates me

They just don't understand all I know about this life

I know I'm only a teen

but I'm sure I know about everything

I should move from home while I'm still this wise


Love is suicide and our existence is pointless

You don't know about the suffering of the soul

Oh! the tragedy of the suburbian way!

Yeah, I know I'm not loveless

All I know about is that it sucks

Why nobody can't understand my pain?


I will cry and whine

I will do it because it's my right

I will be a brat as long as I can my own mistakes

You don't need to tell my what you really think

I can see it in the way you're making fun of me

But I will be a teen only once


Wait...that last line didn't rhyme...well

Alright, then just add "pain"

My last resource when I don'r know how a crappy poem should end