"When you get older, all you have left of your childhood is pictures and memories." A girl, as she reflects on her younger life.

By FreedomInTheStars


Nataliya leaned back on her lawn chair and sighed. Tomorrow was graduation day, and she didn't want to think about college, a job, supporting herself through her adult years, and so on. It was too much after all the stress and arguments she'd been in.

She rubbed her forehead and for a moment, wished she could be a child again; small and carefree, not worrying about anything in the world. Giggling and laughing, teasing each other and being cared for; being carried through troubled times.

The cool night breeze washed over her, and she stood up, grasping the wooden bars of her deck. In front of her, the forest stretched. Liya craned her neck so she could see the edge of a cliff and the vast lake below the cliff.

She closed her eyes and breathed in the deep air. Immediately, a memory reflected.


The campfire flames rose higher into the sky. Around the fire, eight girls were crowded around, their eyes filled with excitement. The moon was pearly and high in the sky and howls of coyotes could be heard throughout the dark woods.

The girls shivered and huddled together. "It's so eerie," a dark blond haired girl whispered. Strands of hair fell into her pale face.

"That's the fun part, Emma!" Naomi exclaimed, brushing her curly hair aside.

"Yup. Hey, what about s'mores?" Chloe suggested. She pulled out a bag of marshmallows, graham crackers, and a box of Hershey chocolates before anyone could protest. "Here," she said with authority, handing each of the girls a stick.

Julia squealed and grabbed the bag from Chloe. She always enjoyed acting like that. Evelyn joined in, and pretty soon, everything was scattered and the girls were covered with sticky marshmallows.

Samantha wiped her face and licked the marshmallows off her fingers, while Noel got up and started ordering them to clean up the mess. There was silence for a while, while they worked. Liya picked up a smashed marshmallow against a tree trunk and glanced around before grinning and launching it at Chloe.

Chloe yelped and dodged, the white treat missing her by just a few inches. She locked eyes with Liya and a devilish smirk entered her features. "It's on."

Chaos erupted.

After the marshmallow fight, the girls dragged their sleeping bags outside. The fire was low, and its crackling noise made them sleepy. Noel started humming a soft tune. The others joined in quietly. Liya wasn't one for singing, so she just listened and stared up at the stars.

Her fingers curled around her sleeping bag and an absent smile crept up to her mouth before she fell asleep.


She blinked and fell on her lawn chair. Liya pulled her sweater closer and stared up at the sky. The constellations looked like faces of her friends, even if they were so far away now.

Her friends would be there for her; she was sure when she needed them.

But her childhood was gone. Memories were all that she had left from the old days.

[A/N:] Random burst of inspiration. The characters are based off my RL best friends. Please point out any mistakes, awkward-sounding sentences, etc. Thank you for reading.

PS: Sam [Analeigh], I fixed those mistakes. Thanks!