We were fools, competing over who got a better percentage.

We were kids, acting overly immature for even our own age.

We had a cold war going on; we even clashed so many times.

I admit, many of those times the fault was entirely mine.

This thing called competition stood between us.

It created so much tension.

We have the same dreams, the same personality.

That's what caused so much repulsion.

And now we've grown up, and risen above our differences.

Now we study together, not caring about the consequences.

And when I'm copying the homework from you,

I'm regretting every act of foolishness. I'm so sorry.

Now when I get less marks than you, I don't feel bad,

You're there for me, there's nothing left for worrying.

I'm glad we put this competition behind.

I like working together, combining our efforts.

I like hanging out with you, we've got such similar minds.

I'm so glad we opened our eyes,

And told the world we're done fighting.

We share more than the same nerd dreams-

We are connected by the passion for writing.

I'm glad we put our rivalry to an end.

I'm glad we're friends.

(A/N: this one's actually from my real life!! I hate how academics make students fight with each other… anyways, please review!)