Words can be so meaningless

when I try to define what we are

but you've been the cure of my loneliness

making me write these sappy lines

I know it may sound silly

but I see the truth lying in your heart

What a unfortunate feeling!

That's how things are in the awkward grey zone


You've got a whole world in front of you

and maybe you're happy without me

I can't change the ending of this book

nor the strange way my heart beats

But I can carry this weight

Just to make you laugh

Your happiness is that starts the flame

lighting this awkward grey zone


You're the one that keeps me writing

When I think there's nothing to write about

and yes I know I'm naive

that's Okay because I'll be fine

Sharing just a little chat

It's enough to just bring me some joy

The only thing that warms my nights

Among the coldness of this awkward grey zone...