The next day, Yuki woke up, and got dressed . After getting dress, she went into the kitchen and made coffee. Once the coffee was done, She got a sticky note and post it on Melody's door and left the house.

Melody's P.O.V.
I woke up, and got dressed. Once I had every thing ready for class, I opened my door and and found a sticky note on my door. After I read it, I threw it out in the kitchen trash. Once I drank my coffee, I got in my car and drove to class.

Third P.O.V
Once Yuki was out of work, she went to the store where her boyfriend work. She went inside and saw Kevin helping someone. She looked around for a bit, then some said " Hello Miss... do you need...Kiroo what are you doing here."
"I'm here to looking for Ray."" He called out sick." " well he told that he's working... Ahhh... He probably have something plained for our anniversary today.""Congrats."" thanks.. I think I will visit him."
Once she left the store, she walked around the mall. When she was out of the mall she went to get a smoothie. Once she was out of Java's, she saw a pond store across the street. She went inside walked around and found nothing interesting. Just as she was about to leave, an apple mini computer caught her attention. She put it on the counter and rang the desk bell. Two minutes later lady came out and said "yes."
" How much." pushing the laptop.
"That would be one hundred... and You're a special one, my child."
Kiroo just stared at her."Um, thanks. I think."
Once she left the store, she went to car and drove home. When she got home, she started playing on the computer. Once she got bored of playing games, she decided to story a new story...

The bell rang, everyone ran outside the class. Me, Ringo and Memi was walking toward the door when Mr. Parker called her.
Ringo and Memi said " we'll wait for you outside."
After they left I shut the door, and walked to in front of his desk.
" yes.. Mr. Parker."
" I was wondering if you can babysit my daughter."
" But I-
"the baby sitter canceled, and my step son has a date."
" I um.. made plains."
He sigh and then said " fine, I have to tell my step son that he could bring his date over."
Once she walked out of the classroom, she met her friends by their lockers. They chatted for a bit and then they went home. Once I went home, Ake called me and said " Do you mind if we take a range check on coffee.. I have to babysit my sister."
" Why don't I come over.... as friends.. because I'm only at my house tonight."
" um... okay we are not making out ." I laughed and said " I'm sorry.. I was just.... what's your address." After he told her where he lived, she hung up - her phone rang

Somebody to love - Justin Bieber ft Usher.

(Yuki's conversation with Melody )

Yo: This better be important Melody.
Mel : Yeah my car broke down.... I'm going to home a little late.
Yo : um... okay.
Mel: I'm tell you because we have a family dinner tonite so I'll see you there.

* Mr. James Parker looks like Tom Felton.*