I was sitting on the bathroom counter at the moment. I was in a big white T-shirt and nothing else.

All of a sudden, Bryson walks in and smirks and stands in front of me. His hands go on my thigh and I snake my hands around his neck and pull him closer. His hands travel up my thigh. We begin another heavy make out session. His hands went up to my thong and he started tugging at it. I moaned a little into the kiss.

After a while, we both pulled away and I smiled at him. He returned it.

"I love you, you know that?" I told him.

He smirked, "You loved me the day you met me."

I rolled my eyes and laughed, "Oh, it was nothing like that. You wish."

He started playing with my hair, keeping his eyes on me, "I know you were attracted to my good looks."

I lifted an eyebrow, "Oh, really?"

"Yeah, you checked me out, remember?" he smirked.

I thought back to that day and remembered, "I wasn't checking you out. Everyone looks at what other's wear. I don't meet people and not see what they wear."

He chuckled, "Sure. You know that you were."

I rolled my eyes again; this boy is just so ugh, "You know what, you're ugh."

"You know, you have the eyes of my dead grandpa." He stated. Was he joking or not?

I made a weird face, "Well, that's mean. What the fuck?"

"I thought it was a compliment." He said with a straight face.

I looked over at the door to make sure if anyone heard what this crazy boy was saying then looked back at him, "Really?" I asked disbelievingly.

He burst out laughing, "I'm kidding, but your face was priceless."

I made another funny face, "One more "compliment" like that and I'll be making sure you sleep outside."

He smirked and put his arms around me, "You know you wouldn't do that. Sleeping with me is much better than sleeping alone."

"Really? Who said?" I asked him.

"All of my ex's and you too, you get all touchy and close." He smirked.

I shook my head; I'm not surprised he's slept with other girls. He's a normal teenage boy with god like looks. But the second part of what he said can't be true, can it?

Do I really do that? Well maybe I'm close to him because I'm cold, but touchy? No I'm not. Maybe I am. I'm not sure. I don't want to seem like I'm always touching him. Maybe I do it when I'm asleep and have no idea I am. Or do I just do it a lot in general?

"You don't like it? Are you trying to tell me something? Are you gay?" I asked dramatically yet joking.

He made a serious face, "I'm not gay. And I like it when you touch me and get all close. I like knowing your mine and no one else can have you."

I half smiled, "You don't have to worry, I'm all yours."

He smiled and pulled me closer and we remained kissing for the next few minutes.


"Let's play volleyball." I said out loud while getting up from my towel.

"Why? But okay." He smirked.

I smiled, "I gotta work on mah tan, you know?" I started shaking my hips.

He laughed, "Alright, wow."

We found four more other people to play with. I was pretty excited. I always wanted to play volley ball on the beach, I always thought it looked really fun in the movies.

Plus, I get a good workout and a good tan. Also, I get to play with random people I don't even know.

I didn't want to be on the same team as Bryson because I wanted to show him I was a beast at this and I could beat his sorry ass any day.

We started and I threw the ball up in the air and hit it, it went to the other side and the Lindsay chick hit it and then another person on their team hit it and it came to our side and it went farther back and my teammate was there and she went down on her knee's but missed it.

Damn. They got a point.

I looked over at Bryson; he was smirking cockily at me. I gave him the meanest face I could and he just laughed. He thought he knew I was going to lose especially after they made the first point.

"Oh, well the bitch in me has arrived." I said to myself.

We kept on playing and I was going hard. I was sweating a lot. Plus, the sun was burning and it made it a bit harder to concentrate, but I was determined to win this.

When we got a point, I screamed, "What now bitch!?"

My team laughed and high fived each other. On the other side, Bryson looked like he wanted to win this as much as me now.

It kept going on for approximately an hour until the game ended. Who ever got to 20 points won.

Guess who won?


WOOT! You know that feeling when you feel like you're the king of the world and everyone's your bitch? I'm feeling it.

I told him I was going to win and I did. He can kiss my ass now. I have made it clear that I am not a loser and I can play sports.

I asked one of my teammates if I could drink from their water bottle and they nicely gave it to me.

I drank so much; I didn't drink anything the entire game.

I gave the water back to the person and walked over to Bryson and had a huge smile on my face.

He looked at me, "Wow, you played good out there. I am a little made you won, but hey I give you props. No one has beaten me or the teams I've played on."

I smirked, "Thank you, and I'm so damn hot, I need to get in the water."

"Go ahead, I'm going to." He smirked.

For a while we stayed in the water and had a good time. I seriously could hear a party song playing in my head the entire time. I wonder if that happens to other people too.

Later, we got out the water and just let the sun dry us off then started heading back to his beach house. Once we got inside the air conditioning was on and it was freezing. I started getting goose bumps. Bryson came from behind me and put his hands on my shoulders and rubbed them and then put his arms around my waist and kissed my neck.

I felt warm, and I felt like making out with him.


I was sitting on the couch watching Skins. I loved this show. I couldn't believe people were trying to sue it because it was so "inappropriate" or whatever was going on. I was texting my friends back in Ohio, they were watching this to, and we were also catching up on what was happening there and here.

I was in shorts and a tank top. My hair was straightened and no makeup on. Bryson was working out so I had time with myself and the world.

Bryson's mom came in, "Well here you are, should've know." She smiled.

I laughed, "You didn't listen to my mom did you?"

She shook her head, "No, I really didn't believe it when she said you were lazy. You're so skinny."

I shrugged, "I guess I was just born this way."

She chuckled, "So how do you like your little vacation so far?"

I smiled, "I love it, it's perfect, I wish I lived here."

"Well, maybe when you grow up, you can decide and move here."

I thought about it, "Yeah maybe."

"You got tanner, I see." She noticed.

"Yeah, I can't stand being so white, you know?" I looked at her.

She laughed, "Yes, I know. Has Bryson been good?"

I smirked, "Yeah, if he's not, I have so many ninja skills I haven't used yet."

She laughed again, "Good, I approve."

We just sat there and talked until she had to go leave with the other parents. They were going out.

I decided to go look and see what movies they had. I got up and sat on the ground looking at the choices I had.

I saw they had No Strings attached. I really wanted to see that. I never saw it. It came out just recently.

"Movie night?" I heard Bryson ask.

I turned around, "Yep."

He chuckled and came closer and sat next to me on the floor, "Which one?"

I held up No Strings Attached.

"Aw, no scary movie?" he faked a disappointment.

I pushed him lightly with my shoulder, "Hey, you know how I am about those."

He smirked, "Oh, I know."

I shook my head and smirked and got up. I handed the movie to him so he could put it in. I walked up the stairs to go get the blankets and pillows.

Once I made it back down I saw he had monster and candy ready.

I smiled at him, "I got stuff to make us warm and cozy, and there all fuzzy."

He laughed, "You're special."

I ignored it and got all comfy and cuddly next to Bryson. The lights were off and the movie started.

The movie was good at the beginning. But I'm not sure I was going to be watching it for long. Bryson started kissing me and I kissed back. We started making out pretty heavily and next thing I know I ended up on top of Bryson. I wanted to feel his body so I helped him take off his shirt.

After a while, we were both half naked. He was only in his boxers and I was only in my thong.

It was getting hot in the room and the movie was totally blocked from my attention.

Then what happened next, it felt so right in the moment, we had sex.


I woke up with noise playing. I opened my eyes and saw the TV then I looked down and saw I was lying on the couch with Bryson.

I realized the only thing covering me was this blanket. Bryson was naked as well. I can't lie, he has an amazing body.

I shut my eyes and thought back to what happened last night; it just felt so right at the moment. It was like everything else didn't even comprehend at the time.

I know I may have done it with Mikey when I was drunk and all, but I just want to forget that and remember this, which I won't ever forget.

I sit up and took the blanket with me. Then I heard Bryson wake up and he sat up with me.

He kissed my cheek and I looked over at him and smiled, "hey,"

"Good morning Beautiful."

I smiled at him, "Last night, I will never forget it."

He smirked, "I won't either. You were the first I've done it with that I actually loved and felt strongly for."

I smiled, "Good. So I'm going to go take a shower."

He nodded his head lazily, he was still tired.

I got up and took one of the blankets with me and sneaked upstairs silently without anyone hearing me and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

After I was done I got out and put ripped denim shorts with a yellow tank top and I put my wet hair up in a bun and put a thin yellow colored hair hand on.

I walked downstairs into the kitchen and went straight to the fridge. I didn't find anything I really wanted then when I turned around I saw my mom and Bryson's mom at the table eating breakfast. I saw there were pancakes too.

My stomach growled. I walked over and sat down at the chair that didn't have any seats around it. It was like the king or queen position when they sat on their throne and everyone is on the sidelines. Understand what I'm saying?

"Morning" I smiled.

I took a plate and put some pancakes on it.

"Morning" they both said in unison.

"How did you sleep?" my mom asked.

They were very mellow.

I was putting syrup on my pancakes, "Fine, you?"


Bryson's mom started talking, "What did you two do while we were gone?"

"Oh, just watched a movie."

My mom just put down her fork and sighed loudly, "We should just cut to the chase, shouldn't we?"

My mom was one for being impatient and coming right out with things.

Bryson's mom sighed too, "Yes, let's just cut this cake and get it over with."

I just kept eating my pancake. I felt awkward. What are they about to say?

My mom started talking, "Well, you see, we came home around 1am and me and Lilly just walked in because we heard a movie playing and we saw you two were laying on the couch sleeping, and…"

Bryson's mom, Lilly, started talking, "All the clothes were on the floor and we came up with a conclusion. Well, we saw this coming and you know, we have nothing against it or do we feel as though it wasn't supposed to happen…"

My mom continued, "So did you two have sex or what?"

I stopped chewing and put my fork down and just looked at them.

Oh dear, why am I stuck in this and he is not?

I quickly swallowed and began to answer them, "yes…"

They nodded their head, "Well did you use protection?"

I nodded, "Yes."

They looked relieved.

Lilly spoke, "Well good. As long as you were safe it's alright."

"Mhm." I had nothing to say to this.

Bryson walked in with cargo shorts and no shirt and sat down on the other end and began to get pancakes and putting his syrup on them.

I stayed quiet and I felt awkward. Its weird knowing both of them know we did it, they saw our little crime scene, and knew we slept naked together. Oh god, nothing can make this not awkward.

I just stared down at my pancake and left what was left of it then got up and left the room. I felt Bryson's gaze on me.

I walked back to the room we were in last night to get my phone and took it with me upstairs to the room to let it charge. Then I decided to go on the balcony and lay in the shade on one of the lawn chairs.

I just looked out at the view. It was quite nice and peaceful in the mornings. I liked the cool air on my skin. It felt fresh.

I heard the door open and close and looked over and Bryson sat in the other chair and looked at me expectedly.

"What?" I asked.

"What's up?"

"Sitting here." I responded.

"No what happened down there?"

"They knew we had sex last night. They walked in at 1 am and saw the clothes on the floor and asked me if we did and asked if we used protection. It was a bit awkward, just saying."I explained.

He made an O with his mouth, "That must've been awkward."


He laughed, "Alright, don't think about it."

I looked over at him and smiled, "Okay,"

"Come over here" he motioned.

I got up and went over to him; he gave me a quick kiss and gave me a long tight hug.

Oh, how I love him.