Guido was dropped off by his mom at the school. He quickly walked to his English class, and sat down. Though class didn't start for another 7 minutes, he had nothing else to do. Guido just sat back and waited. To his surprise, Beth came in the room.

"Beth!" Guido said catching her attention.

"What do you want?" she asked, annoyed.

"I just had to tell someone!"

"Tell someone what?"

"Okay, lately I have been having visions, but not just any visions, like… I am in the visions, you know?"

Beth nodded, for she was slightly interested.

"It's like, I'm somewhere else, but I'm still here."

"Uh…Huh." Beth answered. "Sounds like a load of crap to me."

"Oh. I'm just saying. It's true."

"Whatever kid."

"My name's not kid. It's Guido."

"Alright, fine! Sorry Guido." Beth said with a nasty tone.

A few minutes passed, and the classroom filled with students. Mr. Brown came in.

"Alright students, here is our first assignment for today. You will turn to your neighbor and ask them what they did for summer break. You will write down what they did and turn it in."

Guido took out a piece of paper and a pencil and reluctantly turned to Beth, who wasn't paying attention to him.

"Beth?" he asked.

"What do you want?"

"We have to do the assignment."

"You better get on it then."

"Look Beth, I don't want to do this anymore than you do, but we have to or we will face consequences. Now, what did you do during summer break?"

"Ok, let's see. I really didn't do anything. I just stayed at home and hung out." Beth said as Guido was writing this down.

"Alright Vision boy, what did you do?"

"Well I did go to Las Vegas." He answered.

"Okay, and what did you do there?"

"Well, basically we stayed at Caesar's palace, and I visited the forum shops. But I enjoyed walking in and out of the casino areas. For some reason, I liked all the noises and blinking lights. There was just something about them, something I can't explain."

"Okay." She said writing on the paper.

" I also saw all the shows they had outside the casino, and I also saw some magic shows."

"Alright." Beth said.

"But then one night, I looked out the window of our hotel room, and as I looked off into the distance, off into the desert, I felt something. It was calling me, beckoning me. It was like someone needed help."

"Ok. Seems to me like you need to lay off the mushrooms." Beth commented and let out a laugh. Guido felt a little embarrassed.

"Alright class. Pass up your papers to the front of the rows." Mr. Brown said. Everyone handed up their papers, and Mr. Brown walked around picking them up.

After a few lessons, the class ended. Guido walked to Biology. He sat down and waited for class to start. But he soon dozed off, and was back in the familiar environment.

"Greetings Guido. I could see that girl didn't believe in your situation."

"Yeah. What's it to you?"

"I think I should make something happen so she will believe what you say."

"What are you going to do to her?" Guido asked, angered.

"Oh, you will just have to wait and see." The voice said as Guido woke up. The class was over. Guido gathered his things and walked out of the hall. As he was walking to a spot to sit and eat lunch, due to the fact that Tuesdays-Fridays were block schedules, which meant that day the students only had 3 classes, but the hours were longer in each class. Guido continued to walk and find somewhere to eat, when he heard the sound of footsteps coming towards him. Guido turned around to see Beth running at him.

"Guido! Guido!" She yelled coming at him.

"Beth! What is it!?" Guido asked confused.

"I saw it! Those visions!"

"What visions?"

"The visions you have! I saw them, and they weren't pretty!"

"They weren't?"

"No, they were full of strange people and places! Oh the things I saw, there were so many! Dark eyes looking at me, it was horrible! I'm sorry I doubted you before, Guido." She said.

"That's alright." Guido said walking away.

"Hey! Where you going?" Beth asked.

"I'm going to find somewhere to eat my lunch." Guido answered.

"Well if we're both having lunch alone, why not have it together?" Beth suggested. Guido stopped. He had never had a friend in a long time.

"I guess we could." Guido said turning to her. She was smiling at him, something he did not expect. Guido followed Beth to a stone bench and sat down.

"So tell me what your vision was like." Guido said eating.

"Well, it was like this. I was on this slab, and all around me was darkness all around me. I look up, and I see dark, oval shaped eyes around me. Then I woke up, and class was over!"

"Yeah, that's always how it ends."



"Sorry for being so bitter these past few days. I guess I just wasn't realizing what you're going through."

"That's… okay."

"I guess you're a pretty cool guy."


Just then the bell rang.

"Well, I'll see you after school?"

"Sure." Guido said smiling.

After school

Guido was just about to walk home, but Beth ran up with him.

"Hey Guido." She greeted him.

"Hi Beth."

"Yeah listen, my parents don't come home until night, so I was thinking that maybe I could crash at your place."

Guido thought about this. For many years he had never had a friend, and most certainly not bring one home. Guido's mother always wanted her son to make friends. Guido always had trouble because he would spaz out in class. He was also very socially awkward. Guido tried to explain that these happenings were caused by his visions, but they would never believe him, dismissing them as day dreams.

"I guess so." Guido answered not sure of the outcome. He and Beth then began to walk home. Guido's mother was home, but she did not need to pick him up; it was just a short walk from school to the house. Guido's mother stayed home every day, as it was Guido's father who was the provider.

The two children reached the door steps, and Guido took out his house keys, and unlocked the door. He politely let Beth in first, and then he himself proceeded inside. Beth, who was dumbfounded by the size of the house, looked around in curiosity. The house was somewhat large for its size, but to Guido, and other people that lived in the neighborhood, it was a house like any other.

"So this is your house." Beth said in amazement. Guido's mother, hearing the door open and hearing Beth speak, walked into the room.

"Hey honey!" She said. Her eyes then looked over at Beth.

"Oh my god! Who is that?" Guido's mother yelled. She was stunned. Never before has she ever witnessed this.

"I'm Beth." Beth answered ignoring the shocked outburst.

"It's nice to meet you!" Guido's mother said while shaking her hand.

"Uh… you two." Replied Beth.

"So how long have you two been going out?" Guido's mother asked. Instantly Guido felt a surge of embarrassment. He quickly looked over to Beth, was very embarrassed as well.

"Mom!" he yelled.

"Oh. So you're not going out?"

"Well no. We kind of met a few days ago." Guido explained.

"Well, it's nice to see you with a friend. Does she want anything to drink?" She offered Beth.

"No no, that's okay." Said Beth.

"Alright. If you need anything, I'll be in the living room." Guido's mother said as she left the room.

Guido led Beth up the stair case to the second floor. On that floor, there were only a few other rooms. There was a guest room, and Guido's parent's room. Beth made her way into Guido's room. The room was slightly large. The bed was big enough for two people, and had green covers and pillow. Over to the right of the room was a desk, which Guido only used for writing. The computer was in the office, another room on the same floor.

"Damn! This is a big room!" Beth said in awe. Guido shook his head.

"You don't have a room this big?" Guido asked.

"No… I don't." Beth said looking downward.

Guido looked at his wall clock. It was almost time for his favorite show.

"Uh Beth? It's about time for my favorite shows." Guido told her.

"Okay." Beth answered as they walked out. They walked down the stairs and into the living room, which is the first room to the right of the stairs. The room consisted of a couch, and a large television set. There were also two nightstands on the side of the couch, which had lamps on them. Guido turned on the television as Beth sat down. Guido turned on the twilight zone.

"You like the twilight zone?" Beth asked, amused.

"Well yeah. I kind of like Ironic stories."

"Ah I see." Beth said continuing to watch. About thirty minutes later, Guido turned on another show. This one was Mystery Science Theater 3000.

"What is this?" Beth asked, completely confused at the show's format.

"It's mystery Science Theater 3000." Guido explained. "It's a show where this guy and his robots make commentaries on movies."

"That sounds weird." Beth said as they continued to watch. The episode lasted awhile, and ended around 5:30. It was getting late.

"Uh Beth, It's getting late. Shouldn't you think about getting home?" Guido asked.

"I guess so." Beth said getting off the couch. Guido led her out the door, and saw her off. It really was getting late, and Guido had homework to do.

After Guido did his homework and ate his dinner. He was very well aware what would happen tonight, though he had no idea what would happen. Guido took a shower, and went to bed.

When Guido woke up, He was in the familiar white area, a place with no visible walls, just the color white.

"Alright, whoever you are. It's time for you to reveal yourself. Go ahead, I'm waiting." Guido spoke.

"Okay, are you ready?"


"Close your eyes."

"Okay they're closed."

"Are you ready?"


"Okay, open them!" The voice said. Guido opened them, and was immidiently startled by the anomaly standing before him. A being just slightly shorter than Guido, was staring at him with its big, black, oval shaped eyes. Its body was a very light shade of grey. It appeared to be female, due to its visible breasts, and its slight feminine hips. It also had a large head, bigger than Guido's. Its head was attached to a small neck, and a thin body. It had arms, with 4 long fingers, which appeared to have suction cup like tips. Its feet were flat but also had four toes.

Guido stared at the alien, and screamed in fright. He backed away as she came closer.

"What are you?" Guido asked.

"I am what you call an extraterrestrial. We have been watching you for a very long time, Guido."

"Stay away from me." Guido said still frightened.

"You shouldn't be afraid." The alien said.

"Why? You're not going to kill me, are you?"

"No, I wouldn't do that."


"No. I just want to learn more about you."

"Alright, what do you want to know?"

"Well," She said slowly walking towards him. "Why are you so afraid?"

"Well, it's just that movies and pop culture made you look so… evil."

"Why would you say that? There is nothing evil about me!"

"I guess so."

Just then the alien detected something. Guido didn't see but a door was opening, and a tall creature was coming in.

"Guido, I have to see you tomorrow. I'm sending you back."

And with that Guido woke up in his bedroom.