The sky is so

Pure, uncontaminated, untouched by sins.

Unbound- where does it end and where does it begin?

Peaceful, and it transmits its peace to me.

Uncontrolled by anyone, it gives me a sense of feeling free.

The sky is so

Mesmerizing when it is dressed in clear blue.

Beautiful when the sunset paints it in different hues.

Elegant in its dark evening dress.

Gorgeous when the stars twinkle in its face.

The sky is so

Inspiring when the sun burns with such passion.

Patient, tolerant- it quietly listens to all our confessions.

Soothing- the gentle moonlight always makes me feel calm.

Friendly- it always makes me feel so safe, so warm.

The sky is so

Wise- it has witnessed so many things over the years.

Sensitive- rain is sprinkled whenever it sheds its tears.

Strong- it shakes of the past soon and smiles.

Assuring- I know it's with me, watching over me all the time.

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