I'm not a princess from some fable.

Dresses make me feel uncomfortable.

I can't stand the color pink.

I high-five, I whistle, I wink.

I feel make-up is over-rated.

High heels? Gosh I hate it!

I can't gossip on the phone.

I don't have a sappy song as my ring tone.

Shopping makes me wanna weep.

Too much drama makes me fall asleep.

But every girl is a princess at heart.

Some are closer to that side, while some stay apart.

I laugh. I giggle. I cry.

I'm not good at singing-dancing but I try.

I'm emotional. I'm sensitive.

I'm calm. I think positive.

I have a teddy bear and two cats.

I keep worrying that I'm getting fat.

I check out the cute guys.

Cuddly things are what I mostly buy.

I love diamonds and pearls.

Does it matter if I'm not your typical girl?

Maybe someday I'll get there. Maybe someday I'll start.

Right now, I'm a tomboy on the outside, a princess at heart.

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