Don't wanna freak you out but

I don't know where to start.

The simplest way to say this is

You've taken over my heart.

I can't stop thinking about you baby.

When I see you with X, my heart feels heavy.

Every time your number flashes on my phone,

A smile invades my face.

Every time you see me, I pray that

I'm looking good in that dress.

Every girl wants a prince charming.

Your smile is just so heart warming.

And now I've fallen in love boy.

You make me bloom with joy.

So tell me do you like me?

Am I all you ever see?

Do my thoughts give you sleepless nights?

Do I make your whole world feel bright?

Tell me are these feelings getting too hard to ignore?

And you can't stand this anymore?

Don't be afraid baby; just walk in through my front door.

And tell me how you feel.

Please tell me this is real.

Say you love me.

Your girlfriend is all I wanna be.

A/N: okay, that's too corny for my own taste! May I never feel this way :P but anyways, hope you liked it :)