The Boy on the Beach


It was 2010. I was a mere 15 years old. My dad had just lost his job. We were going to be staying with some friends of my mom's till we got back on our feet. This is the story of the first time I fell in love. This is the story of the boy on the beach.


It was so beautiful, the first time I saw it, this amazing beach. The clouds were all a perfect pink. The crystal clear water washed up on the glorious golden sand. The sun setting made a spectacular scene. My favorite part was none of these things though; it was the beautiful boy standing in the center of the beach. His bouncy imperfect blonde curls, his sun kissed skin, his sea green eyes. He was toned but not overly muscular. Everything about him was like a dream. The way the sun hit him, the way the wind blew around him, it all made him seem unreal, like he was a god or something.

I felt compelled to run up and touch this wonderfully handsome boy, just to see if he was real. As I was about to, i was tapped on the shoulder. I turned around and saw a pretty black haired girl. At once i felt ashamed of my shabby brunette up do and grungy clothes. "Were you looking at that boy over there?" I stared at her with a blank expression. "Oh, don't play dumb." the strange girl continued in a sweet voice. "You were staring at my boyfriend, weren't you?" I knew she could see the anguish on my face when i heard the word 'boyfriend'. She laughed, and then got extremely serious and said, "Don't let me catch you doing it again." After saying this she ran to meet her boyfriend. They embraced and stared out at the water together. They seemed so in love. A few moments later they were kissing. It became all too much for me, this sickly sweet moment. Usually I would have thought this was adorable, but not now. I had no idea why I felt this way. I mean it's not I like knew this guy. Yet, i felt compelled to hold him. It felt like already I loved him. It was so weird.

I ran from the beach. I had to get away from there. When i finally found the bungalow my family would now be living in, I scurried into my room and thought about the boy on the beach. I knew I had no chance against the black haired beauty with piercing blue eyes. She had me beat any day of the week. I was an average looking normal, everyday girl. I had messy brown hair and a common pair of brown eyes. None of my clothes were really fancy. I was so deep in thought that I didn't hear my mom calling me. Her voice finally penetrated my brain. "Marcella, come meet the Sorrento's!"

I walked down the small wooden staircase that was painted blue, in no rush to meet anyone. Once i reached the bottom I was shocked. Although i wasn't the only one taken aback, my look of surprise was met by a mirrored stare from a pair of blue eyes and a girl with black hair holding hands with a glorious golden boy.

My train of thought connecting today's events was cut short by my mother's words confirming what I already knew. "This is Carroll and Richard, and this is their son Louis." I felt like i was going to threw up. How could I live with a gorgeous boy who was already taken by a soon to be supermodel? And just when I thought it couldn't get any worse it did. "Oh, and this is Vivien Shadow, she lives with the Sorrento's." My mouth dropped at this. Her shocked face slowly converted into an evil smile. I wanted to punch that conniving little face of hers. Anything that could make her hurt the way she was now hurting me. At that moment I had no idea one day we would be best friends, all I knew was I hated Vivien and had no idea why. It's not like I knew her, or Louis, because i didn't. I'd never seen them till earlier that day. Why had I felt so destroyed? I felt as though my whole world had fallen to pieces, but why? I guess that's love at first sight for you.

As my mind wandered through rage and pain and confusion, a small boy wandered into the room. He had a head full of shaggy dirty blonde hair, a pair of glasses too big for his face, and skin paler then any other beach boys i had ever seen. He carried a book in his hand and wore clothes that were obviously hand-me-downs because they were a size too big. "This is our youngest, Joseph." I was a little surprised to know this was Louis's brother. They were startlingly different. Louis was all shiny and new, and Joseph seemed wise beyond his years. I saw no similarities, at least that was until he looked up and smiled. That's when I saw it, the same amazing light the shone in Louis's eyes was there in Joseph's. He was just as beautiful as his brother, only in his own distinct way.

I bent down and said "Hi, I'm Marcella, but you can call me March."

"I like that." Joseph replied. I giggled a little, I mean it was hard not to. He was just so adorable!

The group dismembered, Carroll and Richard went to help my parents unpack. I felt awkward standing in the hall way as Vivien glared, Louis stared, and Joseph smiled. The silence was finally broken when Vivien said "I, um, have to go to the bathroom." Then kissed Louis, and made her exit. This was followed by an "Ew!" from Joseph, who then ran out of the room, leaving me alone with Louis.

My comfortableness before was nothing compared to this, but then he began to talk, "Want to go out to the porch?" Louis asked. I just nodded and followed him. He pulled up a chair and motioned for me to take a seat. I did and gave a little nervous smile. Louis wasn't looking at me though; he stared intently at the ocean, sighed, and said, "Isn't it amazing?" I ripped my eyes away from him and said "Yeah, it really is." Louis turned and faced me. Starring at me so intimately, I squirmed a little bit. "What?" I said. "Oh nothing." Louis replied back immediately adverting my gaze. "I just, you know, thought you, um, look really nice in the moon light that's all." "Oh." I said, and couldn't help but smile. He smiled too and we began to laugh for no real reason.

Just as I thought we were really about to connect Vivien walked out the door in all her glory and let out an obnoxious 'ehem' which made Louis stare at the ground, like he was ashamed. "What's going on here?" Vivien said as she crossed her arms. I took the liberty of answering that question because Louis was too busy being embarrassed, "Nothing really, Louis just wanted to show me the beach." Vivien's eyes were full of hate as she said, "You and I both know you've already seen it." Now I was the one to shameful to speak. "Let's go Louis." She commanded. He obediently followed. I stared out at the ebbing waves, as tears streamed down my faced. All I wanted to do was go home, but this was my home now.