Oh beautiful

Far spacious skies

Amber waves of shock and awe

Not as amazing imagery

As you might have thought

Instead it is the future

Destined to be our destruction

Falling at the hands of the American Empire

And Nuclear weapons.

The arrogance we hold

As did our British predecessors

Will be our downfall.

Empires Come and Go,

But you have to stay here

That's why they call it fate.

That which was once the beautiful Caterpillar

Crawled into its cocoon, and emerged

The world's largest power ever seen

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

And with Great Power

Comes the Great Responsibility

That our Nations Leaders

Fail to excersise when they fill

Their hot air bags each day in Congress.

It was said long ago

That when our leaders fail to lead

It is our duty to remove them

This is a call to all

Past present and future

This is a call to all

To take charge of your life.

Nothing in this worlds for free

Nor can we piggyback on the will of others

Unless we wish only to live by their dreams

Forsaking our own vision of what is right and true

I say nay… Its time to act.

Humanity's right to govern themselves is just that

The right of each person, to govern THEMSELVES.

Do What Thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law.