On this, All Souls Night,

Even the dead may cry at the torture of Mother Earth

Perpetuated by big business

Destroying its beauty for the sake of profit.

Who shall answer their Mothers call

And save her from her tortured plight

(and long distance charges)

Thou must rise up and take notice

The War of Attrition has begun,

And the dead have nearly infinite

Amounts of soldiers at their disposal.

Remember the dead on this night,

And honor their memory

With the Fight

to protect Our Mother

from whose womb we were cast

into the realm of perdition and existence

to learn the dangers of life and death

and to Master both.

For it is in the mind-bending spell of existence

That we learn to survive life, and defeat death

As we strive for the Eternal Light at the End of the Tunnel,

Which seems so far away.

Some say that opening your mind

And listening to the symbolism of

The Great Ones is an act of madness

But only those willing to fully submit to them

Are able to gain the enlightenment to understand Them.

I cast my gaze of consciousness away from the mundane

And enter a world many speak of

But few know.

That which great writers spoke of

Lands of Elves and Angels

Dwarves, Dragons and Magick.

I enter a world entirely different

From the one that I left

Stepping through the wardrobe of reality

Only this isn't Narnia.