One afternoon

in early November

(remember remember the fifth of november)

I meet my boyfriend at the bus stop

and I walk him home instead of

the other way round

up to his door

(because he just lives five minutes away)

He tells me he loves me

(is it for the last time?)

and kisses me goodbye in the cold

and I watch his door close

and I am left outside

(wanting to have today over again)

and I walk home alone

and it's autumn and the leaves are like gold

(richest gold)

they drift from the trees

and pile on the pavement



dark red

burnt orange


and I pull my winter coat round me

and tie my scarf as the wind gets colder

and a chill touches the damp afternoon air

and I think of him on the way home

(I know him so well)

and I am still outside when it starts to rain

a fine silver rain

like cobwebs