Journals in the city Amanda The boss and the Client and the Project

Ugghhh! My boss is such a jerk! Man It took me weeks to get that account. What does he do? He Takes all of the credit. He doesn't say my whole team did it. I took my right hand man to help. He doesn't I couldn't have done it if it weren't for Amanda. No he gave himself the credit and the kudos. It never ceases to amaze me how arrogant this man is. All he does on a project is yell and scream at us to get the work done. He doesn't know the functions of half of us. Not even the basic work functions of each of us on his crew. I'm not even sure he has skills at all. Except stroking and poking the egos of the bosses that is.

I am tired of it. How does he expect everyone to get their work done if he's behaving like a tyrant? I mean it is counterproductive. In my opinion people who micro-mange tend to not know what is going on. Or, they are insecure in their own field of work so they make everyone else feel inadequate. Its not fair. I mean this man sits in his office all day doing nothing but stroking the egos others. He only does this to take negative attention off of himself. I get that negative attention is not good. However, there is a way to do it. He looks like an idiot to tell you the truth.

You cannot gain the respect of others bellow you that way. People who behave like that will unravel. He is getting on my last nerve. How do you expect me to listen to a proud spineless misogynist with an agenda. Uggghhhh! *slams pen down**

I have something for that.

See you journal. I have work to do unfortunately.


Later that night…

YES!!! I shoved it up his but. What do I mean? Well I found out the reason for my boss's pretending. I had to be careful of course. I didn't want to give away my position. Its amazing how much can go on in an eight hour day at the office. Wow… You see I found out how he got the account. He slept with the client. The married client with the wimp of a husband oh, that's another story* . Anyway, I figured this out when I saw the client come out of his office disheveled and a bit high. Well I know that doesn't mean anything but when we are in meetings he doesn't really talk about working with the client and their account.

When were in the meeting today he was asked about the progress of the account and if there are any reports that support the fact. No he could not produce any information and he couldn't submit any follow-up reports for anything pertaining to the account. Why? I played dumb. You see he tried to cut me out of the account by using his assistant as lead on particular projects. Projects that I specialize in. I am business analyst and graphic designer.

He approached me prior to the meeting and said. "Please Amanda I just hope you over look that little event you saw. The attraction was there we couldn't resist" he said. "She is a very lovely and mentally stimulating woman." I am thinking yeah let your dick rule you as usual. Oh and he says; "Just make sure that when you are asked that you provide your end of the project." I was asked about my end which is the most important. I have to give reports on what other markets are doing so that our company can build better marketing strategies for our clients.

When the VPM (Vice President of Marketing) Asks; "So Amanda what is happening on your end? Have you seen anything from the competitors of our client? Has your strategies been working?"

"No sir. I wasn't on this stage of the project…?"I said. "The lead on this stage of the project is Matthew. As far as I know he was the lead pertaining to the status of this project. I am just the aide." I say. To say that my boss was pissed off wasn't the half of it. So the VPM Says; "really?…" looking at my boss. "No matter because we lost the account. The client was not satisfied with the results and decided to move on."

After the meeting in my office…

He grabs me by the arm. "Why did just ly through your bloody teeth like that? We could have saved that account!" He yells

I say," if you weren't trying to romance the client and actually doing your job you get paid for I wouldn't have to do that. And wasn't it you who took me off the account. Oh and wasn't it you who used a rookie for the project? Because of your dicking around you were the one who lost this account and lost all rights to get more projects. Guess what I whould have saved your but if you just treated me and crew with more respect.


* The reference to the client's husband is in the next story. Oh boy* Rubbing hands together let the web spin. Where is my coffee?