Rin broke through the thick foliage of the forest, passing trees at an incredible rate. Her heart was beating fast against her chest, her breathing was laboured, and beads of sweat began to form on her brow. Despite all of this, she grinned. Rin had always loved the adrenaline rush a chase gave her, it was one of the few times she was allowed to feel free. She briefly closed her eyes. She was an earth elemental and as soon as she tapped into her power she was instantly hit with multiple images and sounds, all too bright, and all too loud. She cringed at the strength of all this, but forced herself to concentrate. Her mind drifted above the canopy of leaves and then swept down and zigzagged through the trees at ground level. All of a sudden he was there, a dirty blonde haired boy with dark blue eyes. He was running but clearly was beginning to become fatigued. Perfect, she thought to herself, an easy target.

Her eyes fluttered open and for an instant she lost her balance. Rin closed her eyes, grabbed her head and waited for the dizziness to pass. Channelling her power took a lot out of her. She reopened her eyes focused on his presence and began to sprint. She looked at her communicator on her forearm. She spoke quickly in a monotone voice, "Target located." She said in a serious tone, all previous happiness now quickly leaving her. When it came to the agency and her part in the organization she became irritable and lifeless.

Rin had been taken when she was seven; it was the organization that raised her all these years. They didn't tolerate failure and no punishment was to sever to reinforce this idea.

Rin slowed down the boy was sitting in a clearing his back facing Rin. He's most likely tired, Rin thought to herself half amused by the out of shape boy. She sighed. Her part in the agency was to capture elementals, also known as "gifted" people, and bring them into the agency. Rin stepped into the clearing, as undetectably quiet as a cat. She went to the boy and quickly spun him around. Rin looked at the lifeless mannequin as she made an effort to keep her mouth from dropping open. Damn it. It's a trap, she thought. Her eyes flinted about the outskirts of the clearing. All was silent as every one of Rin's muscles tightened in preparation of what was to come. Before she even saw them she felt their presence coming from behind her. She spun around as they came out of the protection of the forest.

A girl emerged first. She was jaw droopingly beautiful her clear blue eyes glared at Rin and she smirked. Her blonde hair that could easily be confused with white and her porcelain skin were also amazingly perfect. This was a girl who radiated defiance and even though Rin was trained not to, she couldn't help to feel intimidated. The dirty blonde haired boy stood next to the girl, he remained expressionless and simply glanced at Rin. The wind began to pick up around Rin and automatically she identified its source. Her eyes shifted back towards the girl who now made hand gestures that mimicked the wind. Shit an elemental and a strong one at that. Rin put all her strength into remaining still as the wind grew more and more fierce. The blonde haired boy remained by the girl's side his eyes unwavering from Rin's. Rin took a sword from her back and sliced through the air swiftly, causing the current to become weaker. The girl's eyes narrowed. Her hands dropped to her sides and the wind ceased. Rin knew it wouldn't take long for them to attack and she didn't want to give them the opportunity so her hands tightened around her sword and she came at them.

The boy recognized her movements and quickly slid to the left. The girl attempted to do the same but was a lot slower, and in a minute Rin had laid three large cuts on the blonde girl's forearm. The blonde haired girl's mouth tightened at the pain as she ran to her comrade's side. The boy eyed Rin sceptically. The cuts Rin's sword had left on the girls arm weren't deep at all. He must have interpreted this as a sign of Rin's incompetent swordsmanship because in a flash he lunged at her. Rin almost laughed at his efforts. Every one of his punches, kicks, and manoeuvres received the end of Rin's sword. Small cuts now covered the blonde boy's body. They stared at each other a few meters apart as each waited for the other's attack. The boy looked at her quizzically, clearly confused by Rin's counter attacks. Suddenly a shrill scream broke their silence. The blonde haired girl, who had been talking on her arm communicator while Rin fought her partner, stood squarely in front of a tree. Her eyes were wide with fear and her voice was almost inaudible as she mumbled "Alistair, my arms..." Alistair's eyes flickered between Rin and the blonde haired girls limp arms.

Rin smiled pleasantly. Before any mission she always dipped her knives and sword in the diluted juices of a Deadly Nightshade. A plant that causes paralysis, nausea and muscle twitches. Rin's attacks were never attempts to kill her foes, merely to disable them. Alistair barked orders at the girl instructing her to call for back up and medical assistance. Rin finally spoke. "I haven't poisoned you; you're just suffering from a little paralysis it helps make my task a lot..." Rin's next thought was left unfinished. A third person had come from behind and stabbed her arm with a needle. She let out a small yelp and felt her feet fall beneath her. Her body lay limp in someone's arms. Despite the sudden change of events. Rin could only focus on the fact that she had failed the mission. Her last thought before being pulled into the darkness was of the punishment she would receive from the agency.