Awake. Rin awoke to the sound of a door shutting. She got up wearily and rubbed her eyes. She froze as it occurred to her hands were free. No cuffs? She thought to herself suspiciously, how odd. Rin looked around the room to find it a bit like a college dorm room. Other than the plain bed that she laid on Rin discovered the room was hardly furnished. Although Rin didn't really care about the room, what really caught her eye was the window. She quickly closed the distance between her and the pane as she unlatched the window. In an instant the smell of the earth, rain, and life drifted into the room. Rin sighed in pure pleasure. Freedom she thought to herself as she relished in the moment of pure bliss. The window looked out into a courtyard. It only had a few bushes and trees but Rin just stood there absorbing the sight. There was a knock at the door and in a flash Rin spun around and went into a defensive position. A tall brown haired man walked in. He had an authoritative air around him and he inspected Rin before speaking. "I would appreciate it if you did not attack me until I finish speaking." He sat on a chair by the plain desk and made a motion towards Rin that indicated he wanted her to sit on the side of the bed. Rin remained were she was and returned to look out into the courtyard. "Continue," was all she said as she rested her elbows on the window sill. If he was the one who got me out of the lab and into a room with a view, the man deserves to be heard. She reasoned playfully.

"My name is Clyde Lycuris. I am the dean at this school. We teach them to control their abilities, integrate themselves into society and protect themselves. I am also working to bring down the people you work for, the agency."

This sparked Rin's interest. "Is that so? How do you plan to fight such a powerful organization?" she asked mockingly.

"The same way they fight us, with elementals." Clyde replied his tone very matter of factly. Rin turned around and inspected Clyde. He had dark brown hair and was no older than forty. Under the suit Rin could tell he was strong and fit but what really shook Rin was the power in his voice that showed you he was a leader.

Rin tilted her head to the side in contemplation. "If you're using elementals what makes you think your better than they are?" Rin asked sharply.

Clyde sighed, "Why did you attack my doctors?"

Rin looked at him plainly. She had no intention to lie. "I didn't have any other option. The agency taught me that if I was ever kidnapped, I need to try to escape and if escape became impossible my orders were to take my own life. Attacking them was my attempt to escape. "

Clyde stood and walked towards Rin while he replied, "Unlike them we give you a choice. You are never forced to stay at Indora. You can choose to be leave or you can choose to work with your abilities in a safe environment. Now, what will be your choice?" Clyde and Rin stood in a tense silence, the question hung in the air. Rin thought about the decision she was going to make. I have nowhere to go and no one to go to. How valuable is freedom to someone without anything in the world? The agency had been her family when they had taken her true family away. Rin wasn't completely sure about taking down the organization but she knew this chance didn't come very often and if it was a way to rid her from the clutches of the agency there was no way Rin would say no. A smile flourished on Rin's face as she finally replied "When can I start?"

Rin accepted the school schedule and looked it over as Clyde spoke. "You will have a roommate and I've asked her to help you, so if you have any questions just ask her come to my office. You've come just in time. Classes started yesterday so you haven't fallen behind and your presence won't bring around too many questions. If anyone does ask you can tell them you're from Canada, pick a fairly large city like Toronto or Vancouver and no one should ask too many questions." Rin just nodded, feeling the excitement flowing through her veins. Clyde tone suddenly went a little more serious. "When was the last time you attended a class?"

Rin looked up. Her steely eyes instantly met Clyde's. "I was taken when I was seven. I have no memories of anything before the agency. They only things they were things I would need out in the field." Rin tried to say this coldly but her voice was hardly audible and had taken more of a solemn tone.

Clyde eyed her sympathetically. "Like I said you have a choice here." There was a sudden knock at the door. "Looks like your roommate is here." Clyde told Rin. Rin was relieved that the conversation had been interrupted. Clyde looked at her just before answering the door. "I don't expect you to tell me everything that happened at the agency but eventually I will need your help and you'll need to choose where to stand." As he opened the door Rin got to her feet and walked out to come face to face with a petit blonde with curly hair. The door closed behind Rin and as soon as it did the petit blonde began speaking.

"Hi, my name's Lulu. What's yours?"

"I'm Rin"

The blonde peered at her "it's a pleasure to meet you Rin. I was worried I wouldn't have a roommate this year. Don't worry about a thing, the dean has told me all about you. I know you're from Canada, and it's your first year here at the academy, I also know your sixteen meaning were the same age and I know you're an orphan..."

Rin flinched at her words.

"Woops I'm so sorry. I realize it can be a sensitive subject."

Rin shook her head "its fine. I'm just... you see it was a small orphanage and I'm not use to being around a lot of people." Rin tried to shrug and appear sincere while she cursed Clyde in her head for not briefing her on what she should say.

Lulu nodded sympathetically and continued to speak "I'll be more than glad to show you around school and to your classes, and most importantly point out the eligible boys around school." Lulu said playfully as she winked. "I'll just take you to the dorm first so we can get your uniform." Lulu continued to walk along the school corridor while informing Rin with frivolous facts and gossip. Rin couldn't help but smile, nod and attempt to follow along. It seemed Rin had found a friend. Maybe I could actually fit in here, she thought to herself.