A/N: Formerly known as sasunaruyaoifangirl

Ok so I shouldn't be writing any author's notes, but it's necessary so here goes.

To all the people reading my story, this is a note regarding …the story. Here's the thing. I thought about fixing it and have tried editing it, but in the end nothing worked. I feel like it is missing so many things and everything seems rushed. I started this story a long time ago, and I really wasn't experienced. Now though,I have a little more knowledge than before about the world of writing and reading and all that.

I really would like to take this story off of fictionpress in order for me to re-write it and make it readable, at least. I don't feel confident at all when I think of how it is currently written. I won't change the characters per say, but the way the characters are portrayed at the moment isn't what I had actually pictured in my mind. So I will make things clearer, in terms of how my characters behave. I also want to make it realistic; I don't want anything cliché or too good to be true. I'll try my hardest to make it better, because this story is very close to my heart. I hope whoever is reading this at the moment will also read it when I re-write it? If anything comes up it will be indicated on my profile. If anyone would like for me to clarify anything even further or would like to ask me something regarding this story, feel free.

Until then :)