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David smiles the smile he knows I love so much. His five-o' clock-shadowed cheeks dimple and his amazingly white teeth flash. His deep green eyes sparkle. And I melt. Every time.

I lean forward and press my 'candy pink' lips against his bare ones.

"Mmm." His deep voice rumbles. "I love the taste of your lip-gloss."

I smile at him for the compliment. He lifts my (tightly jean covered) hips and sets me facing him on his lap. His hands are on each hip, his lips immediately go to my throat. I lean back my head and close my eyes.

I've never wanted to get pregnant and I know the only way to guarantee that I wouldn't was to stay a virgin. And stay a virgin I have.

Just as I planned, Mom and Dad walk in downstairs. I jump off David's lap, my eyes wide in 'innocence'. Of course, he doesn't know that I have no plan to give myself to him. But, I do want to enjoy myself with him, so, I plan all our time so it's ruined before we go too far.

Mom laughs. "Tom, don't say that. I meant it! I want to. It's her eighteenth birthday."

At that moment, I run down the spiral stairs with David in tow. Mom and Dad trust me with guys. Dad just doesn't like David. He's five years older than me. And totally looks it, too.

"Hey Mom! Dad!" I kiss each parent as I call their name. David nods to both of my parentals.

"C'mon babe. Lets go." David whispers into my right ear.

"Uh, Mom, can I hang out with David and some friends at the drive in?"

With pierced lips, Mom nods.


"David, where are you going? That's not the way to the drive in." I look about myself, totally unsure of where we are. I start to worry when the truck begins to pass into trees.

"Uh, just thought we'd take a detour." He answers. With a smirk. And when David smirks, it's never good.

"O-Okay…" I look down at my lap, unsure of what's goin' on in his head. As we continue, I grow more and more worried. Finally, we pull into a little clearing, and it's completely dark.

"Look." David puts the truck in park, takes off his seat belt and turns to look at me. "I might just be reading into things, but, do you wanna break up with me?" The look on his face makes him seem younger than I am. And makes me suddenly want to tell him everything. Bad choice.

"No! Of course not!" I slide over to his side after unfastening my own belt. "Baby, I love you." I stop and look at him with wide eyes. I hadn't meant to say that. Neither one of us has said the three-eight yet. "I-I mean-"

"Me too." David gushes before leaning forward to brush his lips against mine.

The fact that he told me he loves me makes me almost high. And his next question brings me back.

"So why wont you have sex with me?" His eyes almost look hurt.

"Because…" I whisper, looking down. Mouse in a trap.

"So, I'm not being paranoid. Every time we're alone, we get interrupted. Or we're just not alone. You don't want to have sex with me." He looks at me, astonished.

"I-It's not that!" I rush to defend myself.

"What is it then?" He leans back against his door, arms folded across his chest.

"I don't want to get pregnant. So, I wont have sex. With you or anyone. Maybe later on down the road… But not now." I bite my lower lip.

"So you lead me on, get me in the mood and cut me off cold turkey?" He raises his right eyebrow and leans towards me. All I can do is nod.

From the look in his eyes, I can see I've hurt him. I never wanted to, but I did. All I want now is for this evening to never happen. To go back to earlier when my parents got home and start over with me telling David I couldn't go.

During my brief contemplation, I realize, a moment too late, the clicking of locked doors.

"Prove to me you love me." David commands as he practically lunges at me.

"No! David! No, I can't!" I scream as I try to twist away from his body. His lips are hot on my throat, his right hand sliding up under my plaid shirt, the other one undoing my jeans. I brace my hands on his chest, trying to push him off. But, thirteen years of gymnastics couldn't make my upper body strong enough to even budge him. I attempt to kick at his legs, but they have mine pinned down. As I lean my head back for a breath to scream, David's words cut me off.

"You're mine, Brooke. All mine. So, I'm going to take what belongs to me. Every aspect."

As he goes back down to my flesh, silent tears begin to slide down my cheeks. One falls on him, and he pauses to look up at me in wonder. No one has ever seen me cry a day in my life.

"Please." I whisper. "Please, if you really love me, stop. I want my first time to be something more than in a truck cab. I-I promise I'll have sex with you. Any time. Just not n-n-n-now." I begin to stutter as my tears fall onto my rambling lips.

David blinks. "Uh…I-I'm sorry. I don't want to make you cry." He looks like he's about to join me in salt-water falls. He glides over my tense body and gently places his lips on mine. "I wont do anything. I-I hope you don't hate me after this." He begs with his eyes.

My body relaxes and I look down to inspect damages. In the struggle, I received a new tare in the hem of my shirt, but nothing else. I sigh and look back to my nearly crying boyfriend. A meager peck on the lips and he brightens slightly.

"I forgive you." After a moments thought, I look back into deep green orbs. "Tomorrow, come over to my house, we have things to discuss. I-I need some sleep now, though." With a bitter-sweet smile, David climbs off of me and we straighten in our seats and stare out our own pieces of glass throughout the silent ride.


I watch with fearful eyes out my window as Mom and Dad drive away in their dark grey Honda Civic. They won't be home for at least four hours. And David and I will be home alone for that length of time. And I'd lied to him again. I was not about to talk the whole time either.

I turn around and pull open the top drawer to my night stand. I pop in another pill. Yes birth control. Four girls my age have been raped in the last two months in the town over. I was not about to get caught off guard.

I then pull out two condoms. I've never seen him, so I bought two of the two biggest sizes I saw. (He always talks about how 'big' he is.) I begin to shake with the two blue squares in my hand. I've trained myself to completely abhor sex, because I don't want babies, see, I've always abhorred children.

I pick up my cell in my other shaking hand. Pressing the three and send, I press the phone to my ear and wait for a familiar voice.

"Hey." David's voice sounds a little dull; he must still feel bad.

"Hey babe. Uh, my parents left. Can you come over?" I keep my bodily tremors out of my voice and try to sound jovial.

"Yeah, yeah. I'll be over in a minute."

"'K. Bye." A moments hesitation. "Love you." I can practically see David's shocked face.

"Love you, too, babe." He sounds better. We hang up.


David's sharp knocks resound up to my room.

"Come in!" I call down. I'm not ready for him to see me just yet. I listen as the front door opens and closes and footsteps reverberate.

"Where you at?"

"Coming!" I yell down. I look in the mirror one last time.

My deep red hair cascades over my shoulders and cover half way down my breast. I had put on a little of green, sparkling eye shadow over my ice blue eyes. I'm wearing my silk white robe partly open over a piece of white with black lace langure. A white garter with matching black lace sits on my upper right thigh. The corseted part makes my already double D's look even bigger.

I slide on my fluffy white slippers and begin my descent down the stair case. And there's my man. His black jeans slightly hang off his muscular legs. His rainbow studded belt is the only color from the back. His torso is covered by a plain white muscle shirt. The light dances through his midnight black hair. Sensing me behind him, David turns around and his eyes widen.


I blush. "Um… Come here." I grab his hand and bring him in tow to my front room. I put into motion the different moves I've seen on t.v. and read in books.

Turning around, I gently push him onto his butt on the white couch. I had pre-set the lights to dim and lit a fire with soft R&B playing. As he sits there, astonished, I shake back my hair and straddle him. I put my arms around his neck and clasp my hands on the back of the couch. I lean forward and press my lips to the base of his throat. I feel his hands go to my hips, his thumbs under my flimsy garment, tracing circles on my flesh.

"Why? Why are you doing this?" David asks as he leans his head slightly so I can nibble on his earlobe.

"I promised." Is my reply against his ear. Turning his head, we go into a deep make-out session. His hands feel large and warm against my skin. David runs them over the tops of my thighs. I begin to grind against his hips. A soft moan escapes his lips into mine. With a slight grin, I press my body against him. With another little moan, David flips me over onto my back.

I pout. "I'm not ready." I want to have more fun with him.

"Well I am. You can't keep teasing and expect me not to do anything. I am a man."

"I'm about to find out." My voice slightly tremors. With a chuckle, David leans down and places a butterfly kiss on the base of my throat. I take a deep breath and tell myself that the having sex part is actually fun. But my body won't relax.

David sheds my robe which flutters to the floor. His hands work expertly to rid my body of the pieces of fabric blocking his view. Except the garter. That, David allows to stay.

I will myself to relax.