"Harmonie?" Melodie calls from her room in the back. I stand up slowly, careful not to spill the full cup of cool tea in my hand.

"Yes?" I ask from her doorway. My left hand lightly rests on my swelling belly.

"Do you know what it is?" Her thick, chocolate, wavy hair obscures her shoulders down to mid-back. Even with the length, the top of the back of her hot pink shirt is still below her hair.

"Do I know what what is?" I lean against the trim.

"Do you know if the kid is a boy or girl?" Melodie turns around to look at me full on. Once again I am shocked at the sheer beauty of her face and the color of her eyes. Her delicate nose makes me want to squeeze it. Her cat-shaped eyes always seem to sparkle, no matter what emotion she holds in her small frame. Eyes that tell everyone what is going on inside her head. Her high cheek bones are always rosy and the perfect plumpness. Her chin is round and soft. Her hair frames her heart shaped face perfectly.

And her eyes. The deepest, purest brown that couldn't be manufactured and unlike any other plain brown eyes in the world. A gold ring cuts off the white from the brown. Inside the brown irises are almost carefully placed green specks. I always get ensnared.

"No. No, I don't know. You know you should be a governmental agent or something." Once again, her eyes cause me to blurt out the first thing in my mind. Her pearl laugh almost stuns me.

"Mmhmm. If I do, then you have to name your kid after me if it's a girl. I mean, 100%, last name and all." Melodie turns back to her computer screen. The statement reminds me of the real Melodie inside.

Melodie is not who she seems. Born to a lawyer and a judge, Melodie was raised in a household of following the law faithfully. By sixteen, she'd been in juvenile hall twice. Her record was filled with ink declaring her mayhem. At seventeen, she got her hands on false identities and used them to run away.

I met Melodie in a rundown gas station in the Middle of Nowhere, USA. A couple of guys tried to rough me up; she came out of no where, all five feet of her, yelling that if they continued, she'd kill them. The men backed up, clearly frightened, and left. I've been with her ever since, close as sisters.

"Anyway, why do you wanna know?" I step into her room and sit on the stool in one of the corners and take another sip of my tea.

"I'm looking up names, but I don't know what to look for if I don't know if it's a boy or girl." Melodie grinned. "I like this one-Rosalie. Hey, isn't that the name of a character in some book?"

"I'm pretty sure the name is probably in multiple books."

"Yeah, well, I still like it. Oh! What about this one? Ariel. Like the mermaid. Or what about Emerald? Or Sapphire? I think I'm gonna name my kid after a stone if I have a girl." Melodie continues to scan the screen.

"And what about boy names?" I question with a laugh.

"Hmm." She clicks on a few things. "How about…Jonathan? Or Michael? Ooh! How about David?"

I drop my cup.

"Yikes! What happened?" Melodie jumps up at the sound of my cup meeting the floor.

"I-I'm sorry. I just lost my grip." I give her a shaky smile.

Melodie looks at me with accusing eyes. "Don't' lie to me. I've known you for three months now. I know quite a bit about your behaviors. Don't try to pull the wool over my eyes. What's wrong?" Her hands go to her hips.

I try to come up with an excuse, but I know it's a lost cause. Might as well cough up the truth. "David is the uh, the name of the father." I look down, in the short time I've known her, I still haven't told her my story.

"Oh." Her eyes soften. "I'm sorry. Wanna talk about it?" Melodie sits back down. Suddenly realizing that I do, I spill everything: from how I first met David to him meeting my parents to the almost rape, all the way till I left.

"I couldn't drag anyone else down with me, so, I left. I changed my number and I haven't had any contact with anyone since. I-I really miss them." I hadn't meant for the last sentence to slip out, but once it did, I realized something. I'd been holding in the lonely feeling I'd embraced when I left this whole time.

Melodie sits beside me. Pulling me into an enveloping embrace, she lets me cry silent tears onto her shoulder.

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