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He's the guy that you hope you'll never forget.

He…broke your heart.


The guy you've hated since preschool because he threw a marker at your head to get your attention.

The guy who you try to never mention.

The guy who keeps coming up in all of your conversations.

He is the center of your sexual frustration.


The boy next door, the guy you've come to adore, the boy who'll do anything for you, the guy who's covered with tattoos, oh, you know, your parents will disapprove.

Your secret, your life, your soul mate, your crush, whatever,you can't ask for anything better.


The guy who said he'll always be there even if the sky is falling down…who said to leave him now because he's going to break break break your heart… who said you're like a melody in my head that I can't keep out…who said he doesn't want to change a thing about you 'cause you're amazing just the way you are.

To him, you said I do.

The guy who never really loved you.

The guy who's full of secrets.

the artist, the mysterious boy in the corner, the guy you want to figure out, the guy who hates the world.


the jock, the nerd, the prankster, the gangster, the jerk, the dork, the sweetie, the hottie, don't forget the nobody that to you, only you, is a somebody.

For you, he became the bad boy gone good.

He listens to you; you listen to him.

He kissed your forehead when he thought you fell asleep. You've fallen asleep in his arms before…and after.

He gives you butterflies, your favorite flowers, or chocolates, or a pretty necklace. Really, his kisses will suffice. One day, you hope for a ring, a huge family, and an ever-lasting love.


You hate him so much because he makes you love him. He picked up the pieces when he found you broken. He was always there, but you were too blind to see.

your best friend, your neighbor for years(maybe you showed each other messages through the windows that faced each other), your lab partner, your best friend's brother, or the other way around.

The guy that broke you down and maybe the guy that came back to pull you back up.

He returned to your hometown to revisit old memories and secretly hoped to see you.

The guy that knows everything about you.

The guy who you know nothing about.

The guy who you miss.

The one who stole your first kiss, chased you around the playground, bullied you mercilessly for years, the cause of those black tears running down your cheeks.

Maybe he's the father of your kid. You plan to never tell him. You do plan to tell the kid someday.


The guy who left a scar on your heart and memories of better times and worse days with you.

The guy you once denied.

The guy that cares about you.

Oh, wasn't he the one you gave everything and then you went home and cried?

Oh, wasn't he the one you met in high school and now he's playing with ya'll's kids in the backyard?

Oh, wasn't he the one you'll always remember?

The guy who you once thought about (more than you want to admit).

You wonder if you'll ever forget…

You regret some things....

You want to be more than friends.

You sit next to him everyday during 3rd period. Few words are ever exchanged.

You kissed him in the rain, at the beach, in a club, in an empty classroom, in the summer heat, in the snow and maybe under the mistletoe and there was only you and him, him and you.


He makes your heart stop, makes it beat frantically, almost burst out from your ribcage. He makes you all nervous. He makes you all angry, sometimes fidgety.

The guy that wiped away your tears.

The guy that you left (you had no choice. it's better this way you said.)

The guy who you walked in on with another girl.

The guy you never really loved.

You were forced to be with him and along the way, may've fallen for him.

You wish you could give him a second chance.

You gave him a second chance.

You gave him many chances.

Why do you keep giving him so many chances? they asked you.

I love him, you answered.

Along the way, you realized you might not.

You didn't see what all the other girls saw in him.

Until fate brought you two together.

Fate, destiny, God's will…it's always the blame for what happened with…


Tell me. What happened with him?

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