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Stacy's POV

How did I end up in a wedding dress on somebody else's wedding. Well my friend Sarah, she out of all the other days of the year picks this one to talk to her ex boyfriend and I'm stuck in her wedding dress waiting for her to come back!!!!!! I just hate how she get's me out of these situations. Let me start from the beginning…

My name is Stacy Billings I walk into the church with a red velvet dress, long enough to reach a little above my knees, my brunette hair fixed up, it took me almost two hours to fix it. The hardest was my make up which was all done in less than forty five minutes. Sarah Pennington is my best friend since Jr. High. We have been dating guys on and off and now well she made it first to the church with the most polite and respectful man, she has ever met. The problem with this wonderful man? His friend. I look inside and see that much hasn't change since the last time I came with my mother. I wonder where Sarah is I haven't talk to her. I just hope I don't run into….

"Wow Stacy you look very attractive"WHY ME! I looked behind to me too see Jake Keller the most arrogant, no good, playboy I HAVE EVER MET! In high school we would always take everything as a competion. A fundraiser for school prom for example. I sold 60 boxes of cookies, he would sell 61 boxes, just to beat me. That jerk stole my first kiss when I was 16. Don't get me wrong he is fun to have along once in a while once he knocked the living day lights of my ex boyfriend because he cheated on me. Jake Keller is the reason why I didn't date in high school. Mainly because if I liked it or not, Jake was a major part of my life. He was slightly taller than me and his hair is coffee brown.

"You don't look to bad yourself, Jake" I said trying to avoid him by looking for anyone to talk to besides Jake. Worse of all I have to be nice to him because it is my best friend's wedding, I wouldn't want to ruin it for her because of Jake.

"I always look good"

"Aren't you suppose to be somewhere having sex with some tramp?" I ask trying to get rid of him.

"I'm talking to you, am I not?" says Jake with a grin on his face. I see him take his hand and stroke it on my cheek. Why does he always make her feel like this? weak. Stacy saw Jake almost everyday, how Jake made her blood boil in anger. He is such a jerk! and how he would always did seem to make her laugh sometimes.I take his hand and removed it.

"Where is James?" I ask trying to look around

"I don't know, do I look like I know where he is 24/7?"

Gosh why didn't James pick someone else to be his best man. "You are suppose to know!"

"Well, I don't" Where could he be? I thought

"Well I am going to find him" I say trying to leave from that stop but suddenly Jake push me to the wall and I take a deep breath, that jerk is extremely close to me! He leans in closer and closer. I look into his deep blue eyes and see the one thing in his eyes that I always see. Desire. I could feel his breath on my skin.

The more I feel like I actually want to kiss him but suddenly I hear someone behind him.

"James!" I say happy saved by my best friend's future husband. His black eyes were conserned about something. I could see Jake roll his eyes, I then hug him. His warm arms around my waist made me feel safe somehow, something inside of me felt weird hugging him. I would have giving anything to find a man like that but I am happy for my friend.

"Ok, James you're not marrying Stacy" I hear Jake say. We pull back and I just glare at him for ruining the moment.

I pull back as James asks me "Have you seen Sarah?"

"No, the last time I talked to her was about two hours ago" I say. Why would he asks that?!I ask "Is she lost?"

"No but we heard from her, when I talked to her attitude was strange" said James

"She must have cold feet. I know my best friend she is probably nervous about the whole wedding. I will check up on her for you"

"Thank you, Stacy" said James. It seem like James was looking nervous himself

"You want me to do what?!" I say trying to understand what Sarah just asked me to do.

"Just for twenty minutes, its no big deal" said Sarah.

"No big deal? You want me to switch dresses with you so you can meet up with that loser that dumped you in high school" I say. Shawn Jennings dumped her in high school to go off with this tramp. He did however paid for it. I had a few of my friends on the high school football team teach him a lesson.

"Shawn is not a loser, he loves me and I have to tell him that I am going to get married" said Sarah

"You know how absolutely insane you sound right now"

"Stacy, I need to let him go now, there is a part of me that loves him but I need accept that I'm in love with James" says Sarah. Oh dear, she is about to cry, why does she always do this to me!

"Ok, just don't cry you are going to ruin your makeup" I can't believe what came out of my mouth.

"Thanks you are the best Stacy" says Sarah looking a lot happier. I unzips her wedding dress and help her out of it. What have I gotten myself into?

Five minutes have past since Sarah left but it seems like an eternity! My arms were shaking, what if James found out and call off the wedding? My eyes glances at the huge mirror in the corner I smile. Wow I look beautiful. I can't wait to wear this one day. Deep down I feel glad I agreed to hard is it to find a descent guy? I hear a knock on the door, dang it not now!I feel like my heart is racing, Where did I leave that stupid vial. Dang it!

"Who is it?" I ask

"It's me Jake"Great the last person I wanted to see right now.I put it on to cover my face. I turn myself opposite of the door as so he won't see her face

"Come in"

Jake opens to the door and sees who he thinks is Sarah.

"Are you ok?" asks Jake

"Yes, I'm fine" I say softly enough Jake wouldn't recognize her voice

"Look, James is absolutely a nervous wreak, right now" said Jake

"He has this crazy idea that you don't want to marry him"

"That's insane" I say

"That is what I said"

"Where did Stacy go, she was suppose to come and check on you?" asks Jake looking around the room. I saw him through the mirror

"Uh, she um" I try to find an excuse, "She went to the bathroom, she thought she need to fix her hair up a little more"

"She is so stupid if she thinks she should fix her hair up more…"

How I feel like I want to smack him on his head. What a jerk!he continues "She looked beautiful when I saw her"Oh my did I just hear that or I'm I hearing things. I felt my heart slow down still trying to cope with his words.

"I know this is your wedding day but I need some advice" said Jake in a pleading voice"Yes, go on" I say"I don't know how to tell Stacy how I feel about her if she can't stand having me close to her

"He didn't just say that! Things just got more complicated!"Maybe because she thinks you are going to treat her like you do the rest of your girlfriends" I say

"She is stupid if she thinks that, she is the most beautiful girl, she is the only girl that would make me second guess what I'm about to say. Her brown eyes watching everything I do, as a matter of fact, she is the only girl that I acually remember their eye color" said Jake

"Why didn't you confess this to her before, you idiot!"

"Ok, Sarah, I think you are a bit edgy, have you thought of drinking a bit of wine to call the nerves?" asks JakeI took a deep breath and say

"No, just go on"

"I have been in love with her as you know for three years already, I had a crush on her since high school" said Jake

"Why didn't you tell me?" asks Stacy

"I thought you already knew, everyone except Stacy knew"

"Even James?"

"Especially James. I told him about my feelings towards Stacy. I'm going to make this confession to you because it's your wedding day and I don't want to you to call it off so promise me you will not freak out" says Jake.

"Ok I promise" I say. Really how horrible could the news be?

"James was interested in Stacy first but I changed his mind at the last second to keep him from asking her out on a date"


"Why?" I ask trying have a little control

"Because I knew the moment that I let him have her, I would have lost her" says Jake

The nerve of that guy.I turn around reveling myself to him."So I could have been marrying this great guy right now but you just had to ruin it!"


"Apparently something I would have been doing if it wasn't for you!" I say very fumming with anger.

"I can't believe you took my only shot of happiness from me" I then start to cry. Why do I have to get emotional at the wrong time.

"You don't… understand Stacy"

"Understand what? You just had to take the one thing that could've made me happy why?"I see Jake just stare at me blankly and say "Because I love you"

"Save it for your next girlfriend!" I open the door but he close it.

"You can't leave"

"Why not?" I ask

"Because James is going to see you and he will call of the wedding"

"That would be a great idea because last time I checked the bride is gone!"

"Please, Stacy, I know you wouldn't do that to your best friend"

I look around and I sit down on the chair quietly. He was right, deep down I was happy James was marring my best friend. He made her happy.

"So I am stuck here?" I ask the obvious question.

"Looks like it. Can I ask you what does James have that you seem to like?" he asks me.

I answer truthfully "He is honest. He wants a steady relationship and he seems like that type that would want a family"

"But why would you think I won't want a family?" he asks

"Because you sleep with girls for fun and I don't want a person like that"

He stays silent, I could see hurt in his eyes. I feel horrible now.

"Jake, I didn't mean it to sound that way" the moment I finish that sentence I feel his arms grab my waist to hold me steady and then he kisses me! I feel his warm lips on mind. I push him away and slap him.

"Don' ever try to do that again!"

I look in his eyes to see something else besides desire. Anger.

"You will find out what a real man feels like, Stace"

Jake grabs my arms and kiss me again hard. I try to pull away this time but he won't let me go. The more I pulled away the more harder he pushes me towards him. I feel his hands on my back. I finally gave up and kissed him back. All those years of anger and frustration finally put to good use. The kiss was more fast and passionate. He is a good kisser like I always heard. I bury my fingers through his brown hair. My body wanting more of him. He then starts to kiss my neck.

"You are probably asking yourself what I am doing in Sarah's wedding dress" I say. Each word out of my mouth seems harder and harder to say the more he kisses me.

"No, not really" mumbled Jake under his breath. I felt Jake unzip my dress, they hear a knock on the door, and we both jump up in horror

"Honey, are you alright?" asks James outside the door.

"I am fine, just a little nervous" I say

Jake trying to hold his laughter hugs me from behind and started to kiss my neck.

"Do you want to postpone the wedding?" asks James

I can't say anything I was too busy feeling his warm lips kiss my neck

"N-no I just need a little more time"

"How does thirty minutes sound to you" asks James

"It sounds great" I say not paying attention to James as I turns around and kisses Jake more passionately. Jake finally unzips her gown and helps her out of it. All left on Stacy was her grinned at the sight of her beautiful skin

"Jake, I am not experience in this at all" I say trying not to sound like a totally virgin which I am.

"Don't worry, I will show you" Jake says as he moves his fingers down my spine that makes me feel a little lightheaded.

"Jake, I love you too" I say before he plants a soft kiss on lips. He undoes my bra and goes on to take it off...

That was the best experience of my life. I can't believe I just made love to Jake Keller. I out on my undergarments back on and try to get into Sarah's dress.

"You were great" said Jake kissing my neck from behind. His kisses felt hot and sweat at the same time.

"Jake shut-up, help me back into my dress" I say as I felt my face heat up.

"Don't worry Stacy you were the best I every had" said Jakes as he plants another kiss on and finally helps me put on Sarah's dress, I then help fix Jake's tie.

I smile as I remember something "You never learned out to tie this, not even after prom"

"I hate ties you know that" said Jake

They hear a knock on the door. It was one of the bridesmaids.

"Five minutes!"I realize my situation.

"Jake! I am going to get married in five minutes! Help me call Sarah!" My hands start to shake again. He puts his warm hands on mind and holds them steady. It calmed me down a little.

"Don't panic Sarah will be hear soon. I would allow you to get married"

"They hear a knock another knock the door, but this time it was Sarah.

"What took you so long?" asks Stacy

"Shawn said he loved me and…"

"Shawn as in Shawn Jennings, from high school?" asks Jake

"Are you crazy there is a man that is in love with you out there and will do anything for you, please don't throw it all away just because you are getting cold feet" I say trying to knock some sense into her.

"But Stacy…." said Sarah but I interrupted her "Shawn dumped you by text message and the day after he broke up with you he kissed someone right in front of your face"

"I dumped him and I told him I was in love with someone else, You were right"

"I always am" I say

"Now take off that dress because you are getting married in about five minutes"

"Thanks Stacy" said Sarah.

"No problem" I then try to fix her blonde hair which was a little messy.

"You can leave now"

"I have no problem seeing you get undressed again" said Jake grinning as his eyes trace my body. I smile as I feel my cheeks heat up again as I point to the door.

Jake walks out of the door."What was that all about?" asks Sarah

"Well, Jake and I…." I say but Sarah interrupts me

"Finally Stacy, I thought it was going to take you guys forever"