Why do you invade my dreams,

Make me miss you even more?

I wake up to see you beside me,

But you are never there.

I long to fall asleep to the sound of your breathing,

To the warmth of your arms around me,

To the beating of your heart.

I fall asleep to the music that reminds me of you,

Thoughts of you.

I yearn to have my arms around you,

Your arms around me.

I want to breathe in your scent,

To hear your voice whispering.

To use your chest as my pillow,

While you gently move my hair out of my face.

We would wake to the sound of the other's gentle movements.

But this isn't how it is,

Even if we both wish it.

For you live so far away from me,

And seeing you is bittersweet.

For whenever I see you,

I am unfortunately reminded,

That after you leave I won't see you for such a long time.

So I speak aloud to you each night,

Hoping the stars will deliver my message before you close your eyes.

Before you sleep.