And this is right…

The sky is black, like a satin jacket

and this is right

the stars looks down, their faces bright

and this is right

the snow is white, like clouds and kites

like Your soul, like Your heart

and this is right

Lights twinkle,

Goodnight! Goodnight!

red, blue, green, white,

flashing in patterns of delight

and this, too, is right

Candles are lit, the flame like my heart

like You

like Your love

and this is right

Love is free, friends meet, family meets family

and this is right

My spirits soar on angel's wings

while I see hope, faith, love and pretty things

and this is right

Songs are sung, a year just ended, a year just begun

and this is right

Christmas is a baby in a manger, surrounded by family

and sheep, and three wise men

and this is right

a little book with words of love and might

of faith and peace

kindness and generosity

a hand outstretched, forever asking

and You are right

and this is right

and that is right

I love this because this is what life

is about

and that, too, is right.