"You know it's dangerous to be walkin' about without a man to protect you."

"I do have a man with me Carter," Adalyn rolls her eyes.

"You think you're so clever, don't you Carrington." Weston scoffs.

"Uh duh, I am clever. " I smirk, "My my what a coincidence Adalyn, you're little red riding hood and I'm your big bad wolf."I my sure my words are heavily laced with innuendo.

Adalyn Wolfe, how ironic is it that you've decided to be little red this Halloween. Hah stupid Weston, thinking he can convince Adalyn that he's a big strong man. Ch'yeah right, big and strong my ass. Although I do have a nice ass.

"You'll never drop that will you? 'Oh Adalyn I'm sure I can lead you to your grandmother's house, let's stop somewhere in the forest real quick though for a quickie'." She feigns.

"Oh you know me so well." I grin, "Now why don't you just move along Wes and I can escort my lovely little red here."

I shoo him away with my hand.

"Carter back off," Shelby says as she walks down her front stairs, "We all know Adalyn is mine."

"If she was a lesbian, Adalyn could obviously do better." I say as if it was painfully obvious.

"Jerk." She barks.

"Okay, okay. Carter you instigator," Adie pokes my side and I jump, "Don't be mean to Shelby. It's okay if you're mean to Weston but not Shelb."

"Fine, fine, nice costume Shelby. What are you a hooker?"

"Carter." Adalyn hits my ribcage. I feign a grunt and ruffle her hair.

"Sorry, nice cat costume Shell. Your hair looks so pretty Adie." I muse as I touch her locks. Sigh, how silky and soft- I twirl a lock of her curled hair with my pointer finger. And the fact that her hair is naturally this dark gives her bonus points. Nasty girls who dye their hair fifty different colors and cake on makeup- do they seriously think that, that is attractive?

"You're such a creep." Adalyn laughs.

"I only creep on curvy, sweet smelling short girls with dark hair and blue eyes." I say proudly.

"Awww, you creep. You know in the story the lumberjack comes and saves me."

"Either way I get to have my way with you."

"Ew, kinky." She wrinkles her nose.

"Yum." I chuckle.

I put my arm around Adalyn- even though she is a good head shorter than I am- and put my chin on her head.

"Don't you have actual friends that you have to be with?" Weston sneers.

"Nah." The four of us head down the street, "Adalyn is my only friend."

"Seriously, shouldn't you be with Ryder and Eli or whoever else you hang out with?" Weston looks at me disgusted. I swear this kid needs to stop holding a grudge. Sure, I'm a way better swimmer than him and I'm going to be the captain of the varsity soccer team instead of him, but he should put more effort into beating me then.

"Yeah, why are you here? Shouldn't Carrie be with you?"' Shelby adds in a non-hostile manner.

"Oh right, she said she'll meet us at Eli's house and then all of us can walk to the party." I shrug.

Oh, the annual monster Halloween party-typically filled with alcohol, candy, dancing, slutty costumes and the majority or Garfield high school. This year Shawn Goldsworthy is hosting it while last year Carrie and I were the hosts. Our town is a weird little thing- it's filled with rich people, snobby people and average class people but it's small enough to walk everywhere but it's definitely not boring. It's not the type of small town where everyone knows each other's business and everyone knows everyone either. Half of the town has really big houses that are super spaced out with acres of land and then the other half has a bunch of old fashioned houses and new townhouses/apartments; we even have a town square and cobblestone paths. If you've ever been northern Virginia it's kind of like Clifton and Vienna combined.

Carrie Carrington is my twin sister but we look nothing alike. She's blonde, tall and an overachiever with no athletic ability at all while I'm taller, with dark dark dark brown hair, an underachiever and athletic it the highest degree. She even has blue eyes while I have green. Fraternal twins to the highest extent. In fact I'm not even sure my sister knows how to flirt. Sure she's pretty- of course she is she's related to me- but she's not into anything love related. Which is weird considering that I'm big into romance but of course the only girl I want is Adalyn Wolfe and it's been that way since we moved here in third grade.

"Way to tell us- we were just gonna go to Shawn's house." Adalyn scoffs.

"You're welcome." I kiss the top of her head as we continue down the street and kids finally start to appear in the streets.

"Hey are your parents taking Liam out?" Adie asks.

" Mhm hmm, I think they're gonna stop by and get your brother and sister too."

"Sofie hates Liam." Adalyn says amused.

"Ironic, I hate Carter." Weston adds.

"You're just jealous of my hot body and my wolf qualities." I scratch my wolf ears and shake my ass so my tail moves, "You're just a stupid- what the fuck are you a cowboy?"

"Be nice Carter."

"Yeah I'm a fucking cowboy."

"Ew nasty cowboys, but I guess it makes sense considering how I hate the Dallas cowboys and I hate you."

"Whatever, the Redskins are just a disgrace-"

"Shut up. I stick with my team no matter what. Even if they're embarrassing, you know like how Adalyn hangs out with you. Which is surprising." I scoff.

"Okay boys stop it." Adie gives us both a look and I stop.

"You're pretty." I tell her.

"You're such a card."

"Well then you can be my queen of hearts sweetie."

Adie shakes her head and laughs lightly, "Whatever hun."

Soon enough we reach Eli's house and Carries runs out of the front door.

"Shelby and Adie! I like totally need your help with my make up!"

"What." Adie and Shelby look at each other perplexed.

"Are you alright Carrie? You never worry about how you look." Shelby says.

"Yeah well can't a girl want to look nice for once?!" She shrieks as she stomps back into the house.

"I SWEAR SHE'S PMS-ING." Eli shouts from inside.

Shelby sighs and drags Weston up the stairs of the townhouse. It's amazing how the townhouses here probably cost more than a house would in a picket fenced suburb.

Adalyn maneuvers out of my grasp and heads towards the house.

"Wait!" I call out.

"Yeah?" She slowly turns to look at me and boy are her eyelashes so gorgeous, along with her eyes. I jog up over to her and hold her head in my hands. I rub small circles into her jaw line.

The apples of her cheeks flush red but it's nothing compared to the glossy red of her lips that match her hood.

"You know I'm surprised you aren't wearing a fully body suit." She says quietly.

"That's old school, remember I did that in 8th grade." I reply gently.

"Oh that's true," She bats her eyes and looks away, "So uh I think it'd be best if I went inside…"

"My…what big eyes you have…"

Adie lets out a small laugh.

"My…what full lips you have…"


"What soft skin you have…"slowly one of my hands make their way to her waist, "How sweet you smell…"

"Carter," She laughs, "Come on."

I let out a sigh and a small chuckle as I follow her into Eli's house.

For as long as I've known Adalyn she could never take my advances seriously, and she would never believe that someone would seriously be interested in her. Even though she's the most beautiful girl in the world.

It's always presumed that I'm a flirt just because I'm a shameless flirt with Adie but it's not true. Many of the bimbos at school flirt with me for many reasons; the fact that I have a hot swimmers body- swimmers have the best bodies FYI- and because I'm rich and I have a hot face to go with my body, I'm witty despite my lack of academic achievements, one would say I'm funny and well I'm always flirting with Adalyn. Since I flirt with her, it apparently sends off signals to other girls that I'm open to flirt; at least that's what Carrie tells me. You know, since I flirt with her and yet we never date- much to my dismay.

But that doesn't mean that Adalyn and I don't have any history.

"You're sexy Eli." I comment.

"Dude sick! I'd bang you." Eli adds.

"Where's Ryder and Jones?" I ask.

"Bro, get this, Jones is gonna be Indian Jones!"

"Mind blown!" I laugh.

"Exactly. Ryder is upstairs trying to get into his kangaroo suit."

"You weirdos, Carter is the big bad wolf, Ryder is a kangaroo, Jones is Indiana Jones and you're a giant Pikachu?" Adalyn laughs form the couch as I plop down next to her, putting my arm around Adie.

"We're beastly babe." I state.

"He speaks the truth." Eli agrees.

"Dude! The fuck-!"Ryder shouts as he walks down the stairs, "Why is Carrie wearing loads of make up?"

"We don't know." Adelyn and Eli say simultaneously.

I let out a sigh, "Come of makeup queen! Time to drive over to the party!"

"Adie." I chuckle.

"Carter, I want to go on a walk." She coos. This girl, one moment I leave her and the next she's downing some jello shots. Tsk tsk tsk, who knows who was hitting on her while I was off having mild amounts of fun?

But now the fun will really begin. I feel a slight heat in my face considering that I myself had a few drinks.

"Hm, okay Adie." I muse, "Did ya do anything you should have?"

"No!" She defends, "Okay maybe I shouldn't have had that last jello shot." She laughs.

It'd be slightly more settling if Adalyn was a sleepy drunk but she's kinda of a chatty/blurty and sometimes a horny drunk. Of course if she fell she'd have to be around me or who knows who'd take advantage of her.

"I think so too." I grab her hand and we walk outside Shawn's house. He lives in a big house that has acres of land separating the house from most of civilization- the usual. A few boys are rolling around asleep outside and red cups litter the grass.

"Mhm Carter, you're really nice."

"Nah," I admit, "I just care about you."

"I care about you to," She slurs, "You know I miss it when you took me out of dates."

"I miss that too." I sigh.

Why is it that we have heart to hearts like this when she's intoxicated? Oh yeah because I screwed up. You see I did ask Adalyn out- I'm not a total pussy. Well we went out a few times and I was the happiest guy alive, we had sex, both of our first times and that made me happier than before. Which I didn't even think was possible but somehow Adalyn made it so. We went out after and I kept smiling like s fucking idiot all the time- but well she started officially dating this guy Greg Reinhart and well I was pissed. Why would she do this to me? Well turns out she said yes because Greg actually asked her to be his girlfriend and he wanted to make it official. I stupidly told her that we shouldn't have to label ourselves and that she was being stupid. Bad move. And well she said that if we didn't have to have a label then she was free to see someone else who actually wanted to be called her boyfriend.

Adie and Greg dated for a year and four months.

Of course though this didn't turn me into a heartless player or whatever, it just made me a sad boy who pined after a girl. And I'm still a sad boy who's pinning after a girl. I won't be a man until it's official that Adalyn is mine.

The sad thing is that she's single and I'm too worried that she's completely over me and I'll get rejected.

"You know what?"

"What?" I ask.

"You really are my big bad wolf," She giggles, "You smell really nice…"

"How am I your big bad wolf?" I laugh.

"Well, one: you're big, two: you're wolfish, three: you're really hot, and six: you're like the bad good guy."

I shake my head at her miscounting, "How am I a bad good guy?"

"I," She points to herself, "Always thought that the wolf was just in love with little red riding hood. And-duh that he just wanted her all to himself but he just didn't know how to get her."

My my, she's an insightful drunk as well. It's like she read into my soul.

"Really, now. I think you're your right."

"I think I'm right too. But you know what?"

"What?' I laugh.

"I love you Carter Carrington." She giggles, tripping a bit in her heels.

I'm taken back a bit, "I love you so much Adalyn Wolfe."

"Mhm…"She snuggles into my arm.

"Hey Carter?"


"I really want a cupcake."

I chuckle, "I'll get you a cupcake later. How about we head home?"

"Okay…can it be a chocolate cupcake?"

"Yeah, with lemon icing."

"My favorite." She laughs.


"You're my favorite Carter."

"You're favorite what?" I say amused.

"My favorite person."

"I love you Adalyn." I laugh, "You're my favorite drunk. And the best person to exist."

"Who's Adalyn?" She bursts out in laughter.

"She's the most beautiful woman with the most amazing personality in the world."

"Oh…she sounds great…I should meet her."

"Mhm…" Adalyn stirs as I smile, putting on a clean shirt, "What's this? Is this a cupcake?"

Adie props herself up on one elbow and rubs her eye. She's wearing one of my wife beaters with her red hood and no pants on and her hair is a disheveled masterpiece. I swear she looks beautiful no matter what.

"Yeah, chocolate with lemon icing." I chuckle.


"There's some ibuprofen and water too." I add as Adalyn opens the box containing a single cupcake and closes it.

"Thanks Carter."

"No problem sweetheart."

"What did I say last night?"

"Nothing," I smile, "What hey you know what?"


"I love you Adalyn."

Her jaw opens slightly and I see the redness in her face.


"I love you." I climb back into my bed with her and lie on my back.


"You know you're right. The big bad wolf is just looking for love. He only wants his little red riding hood but he doesn't know how to get her."

She blinks a couple of times and her mouth opens then closers.

"So considering that this is the only way her knows how- will little red riding hood take a walk in the forest with her big bad wolf?"

"I-I think she'd like that."

"Okay we'll take a walk after you get changed." I chuckle.

"Okay." She smiles, "Hey Carter?"


"I love you."

A/n: Woah woah woah! I wrote this all today since I was home with a fever. I was babysitting and I read Little Red Riding Hood out loud to the little girl and so we had this discussion about the whole story. We both came to the conclusion that the wolf is just lonely and in love with little red.

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