you reduce every day to just
a temporary distraction, a meaningless reaction
the past collects dust
like my persistant attraction, and our simple transaction

but i can't seem to banish
my mental affliction, my dreaming addiction
i don't want it to vanish
the impossible friction, the sweet contradiction

i knew it would shatter
the fragile illusion, the blissful delusion
these thoughts don't even matter
my pathetic confusion, my broken conclusion

sometimes i still feel
the crushing emotion, the desperate devotion
inconsistent and surreal
like the waves of the ocean, moving in slow motion

every bitter regret
fuels my morbid obsession, my toxic depression
i pretend to forget
my unwanted confession, my repeated regression

i ripped my own life apart
with my clouded vision, allowed a reckless collision
i deserve the way you broke my heart
with expert precision, with a casual decision

well, fuck every empty rhyme
about this pointless fixation, this stupid adoration
please, just kiss me one more time
i'll take the fleeting elation, then the cold devastation