I woke with a fright at the sound of something trying to get in my window. I wuickly flicked my bedside lamp on and jumped out of bed. I quietly crept to the window and peered outside, silently praying in my head that it was only Ginger, my cat, trying to catch a bird or something. All I saw was the outline of a head and that was all it took for me to let out a blood–curdling scream. The figure outside stated waving and trying to shoosh me but all that was running through my mind was to wake Mum and Dad with my screams, which I did. The door burst open at that point, revealing mum and dad, both armed with baseball bats.

"Carly, what's wrong?" My mother screeched, rushing to me as dad switched on the main light in my room, i pointed at the window and dad marched straight there, opening it and grabbing a handful of the intruders shirt and dragging him in the window roughly. He flung him on the floor to reveal it to be my older brother by 2 years, dressed in jeans and a shirt that read, 'Ladies Man'. We all stopped short.

"DAN?" My mother shrieked. "What were you doing climbing through your sister's window at," She paused looking at the time on my bedside table. "2'oclock in the morning?" My parent's may be clueless, but I wasn't.

"You snuck out again, didn't you!" I accused him. He was contantly sneaking out. It was either to his mates place for a party where he gets wasted, or to one of his multiple 'girlfriend's' places, where they no doubt made-out, or worse. I crossed my arms. "Where this time, aye? Lilah's or Mandy's? Or was it another party?" I leant down and took a whiff of him. "Ah, smoke and beer. A party then?"

"Party? What party?" My mother sounded frantic as he hands started shaking.

"Sneaking out?" My father yanked my brother up, who was so drunk, he collapsed again, going cross-eyed.

"Yes! Yes, he has been!" I sounded desperate but I was. I was so desperate for my seemingly prefect brother, who was an angel in my parents eyes, to get his punishment, what he deserves. "He's been sneaking in and out for months now. Either going to parties and getting smashed, or going and screwing his 'girlfriend of the week'!" My mother's face went red as she turned to face my brother, who was now lying on the ground looking sick. I crossed my arms and smirked at him, revenge was finally here.

"Carly Jabwonksi!" She turned around to face me, her blood shot eyes staring me down.

"Wait – WHAT?" My arms went to my hips and I brushed my fringe out of my eyes.

"How dare you not tell us!" It was her turn to put her hands on her hips. My eyes widened until they felt like they were going to pop out.

"You're getting up ME!" I shouted. My father now turned to face me, looking disappointed. I hated that look. Mum, I could handle, but Dad, that was a soft spot. I glared at my brother, who was now giving me the finger behind mum and dad, and a look that just screamed, 'Sucked in'.

"You knew this whole time and didn't tell us. If you had of told us, we could have, gotten him some psychological help, or something!" Mum was wringing her hands.

"Psychological help?" I questioned. Psychological help? All he needed was a good beating!

"Yes! And now, he'll probably need even more help, because you and your selfish ways!"

"Selfish ways?" I again questioned.

"Yes! You just wanted him to get in trouble didn't you! You held it off all this time. Well, I hope you're happy; he's going to need some serious help, now! Your I-pod is gone! For a month! " Another soft spot, my music, my life, my soul. She looked on the verge of tears. I could have screamed out of frustration.

"I did NOT! He was blackmailing me that..." She cut me off half way.

"Blackmailing?" She looked up to the skies. "Help them!" She murmured before turning to my brother. "We'll deal with you tomorrow, come on, off to bed." She helped him up and with that they were out the door. I think my jaw literally dropped. I turned to my dad for some advice.

"Don't push her, she's had a tough night." Was all he gave before leaving, shutting the door behind him. I sighed and quickly recapped what had just happened in the short time space of 10 minutes. I sighed, and automatically went to reach for my music, which soothed and calmed me every time, to remember my mother had taken it. Instead I sought comfort in my computer.

I signed into my favourite online anonymous chatroom, . My next favourite thing after music. After a few minutes of me sitting there, deciding who to talk to, someone popped up saying 'hello'.

GuitarHeroRocks468: Hey

I replied, not caring it was a stranger I didn't no. I needed to talk to someone, and i knew my bestfriend, Poppy, would not appreciate a call at this hour.

CJchocoholic302: Hi

GuitarHeroRocks468: Whats up, homie?

CJchocoholic302: Really? Homie? Are you kidding me?

GuitarHeroRocks468: Um, sorry?

CJchocoholic302: No, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have snapped.

GuitarHeroRocks468: Okaaaay, you sound pissed. You all good?

CJchocoholic302: Yer I am pissed.

GuitarHeroRocks468: ...........

I smiled internally, appreciating the fact that this person wanted to hear my problem.

CJchocoholic302: My family are ridiculous! My parents found out tonight that my brother has been sneaking out to get drunk at parties and screw girls...

GuitarHeroRocks468: So what? You're family's not perfect? Back on planet earth, all family's have their faults.

CJchocoholic302: I hadn't finished!

GuitarHeroRocks468: My bad, Princess, continue!

CJchocoholic302: So, when they found out, I got grounded for not telling them!

GuitarHeroRocks468: Nawws, poor Princess! Grounded! :O

CJchocoholic302: Excuse me?

GuitarHeroRocks468: At least you have a family! My sister refuses to have anything to do with me! My father left when we were little, never heard from him since. Mum? I hardly see her!

I froze. I felt bad. My heart instantly went out for this poor person. I disagree with my family all the time but I wouldn't survive if I lived as this person does.

CJchocoholic302: Sorry. I feel like an idiot.

GuitarHeroRocks468: Mmmmm...

CJchocoholic302: Fine, change of subject. What's your real name?

I was curious. I had hardly spoken to this person, but I was interested to know about them.

GuitarHeroRocks468: Um, no comment. Girl or boy?

CJchocoholic302: No comment? You make me sound like I'm the press and you're a famous celebrity. Hahaha.

GuitarHeroRocks468: Are you paparazzi?

CJchocoholic302: Ahaha no! Their sleazebags the lot of them, they give not one celebrity any sort of privacy.

CJchocoholic302: I'm a girl, BTW. You?

GuitarHeroRocks468: How do you know I'm not some paedophile, trying to lure you into my trap and take you to my lair. (Boy) ahaha

I froze. He was right. I told myself that he wouldn't actually tell me he was a paedophile if he was.

CJchocoholic302: Are you?

GuitarHeroRocks468: NO! I'm only 21.

CJchocoholic302: Okay, good. I'm 17, and am going to bed. I do have school tomorrow.

GuitarHeroRocks468: Ah, school. Was my living hell. Well, look at me now SUCKERS!!! Hahah.... have fun with that.

I actually laughed out loud. A part of me wanted to not go, just in case I never spoke to him again.

CJchocoholic302: Thanks. Well, night.

GuitarHeroRocks468: Night, Princess.

With that, he signed off. I sighed and logged off, shutting my laptop. I climbed slowly into bed and was asleep before my head hit the pillow.