Bad Day

The roar from the loudspeakers has filled the room
and the loud music could very likely make the windows go 'boom'.
But for a red-eyed, heartbroken girl this is not a care anymore
as her world has yet again collapsed in war.

Her whole room is a mess and so is she
the tears mixed with the mascara is preventing her from to see.
But this is just another thing she doesn't care about
she raises the volume on the music she wouldn't survive without.

She chides herself time after time
being this stupid should be classified as a crime!
Believing in herself, hah! Being happy, even worse!
Great, all the crying has made her hoarse.

You wouldn't understand so I won't explain
there's so much hurt and deceit that it's just sound insane.
I know that you deep down know what happened anyway
because this girl was you that other day.