Like the moon with so many faces, her personality changes in different places;

When with her friends, so happy and light; but when with strangers so full of fright;

She not very vain but finds other's face without a price, though others may find her looks rather nice;

Her fiery temper, her laid back esteem, she always knows who is on her team;

When you make her laugh a smile appears, but when alone, a pool of tears;

Her happy place is memory lane because without them her life would be so plain;

She goes on walks and chats with her head and loves to write down whatever she said;

So many sides of her that nobody knows, one very happy, the other full of woes;

Just like everyone else on earth, she's breathed in and out from the time of birth;

Secretive about love and lust , since she's really the only one she can trust;

But when she says that she loves you and wraps you in a hug, try your best not to look so smug;

Don't take it for granite but when she breaks it apart know that it was all from her heart.

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