Loaded pistol laying on the edge of table.

Many thoughts rushing through head.

Pick it up.

Lay it back down.

Write the note.

Wait to hear a sound-Anyone coming?

Anyone care?

Waiting a few more moments-Just a few.

Just to calm down.

Just to take the few lasts breathes.

Before life ends.

Small thoughts still linger-

Getting ready to pull that trigger.

One name comes to mind.


Lay gun back down.

Clock says 12:03 PM.

Mind says 'Do it.'

Heart yells 'Don't'

Emotions fighting.

Becoming more and more unstable.

Fear is eating at stomach.

Do you really want to end this hell?



Maybe so.

Just wait-A few more moments.

Might hear an angels pitiful cry.



Something isn't right.

Something may come to end.

Something that hasn't even began.

Begin to run.

Tears are streaming down face.



Lungs are screaming.

Legs are pumping.

Mind is reeling.

Body is begging.

Muscles keep moving.

Won't stop.

Not yet that is.

Door flies open.

Tyler stands, gun in hand.

Pressed against temple.

Note lying on table.

Angel tears are falling down face as

He whispers


It won't be the last time-

Not today, not tonight.

Not until body has given up

Not until soul is ready to leave this world.


Pistol slips from hand.

Tears blurring vision-

Skylar came.

Skylar cares.

----- 3

Lips find way to each other,

Body's crush together-

Two boys in love.

Walk away hands grasped.

Suicidal thoughts long forgotten.

Won't leave each others side,

Not until the end,

Which has yet to come.

------- 3