Kelly's house is huge. They have at least ten bedrooms, four bathrooms, three living rooms, and two kitchens. They have a huge pool in their backyard and a hot tub. Kelly has two sisters and a brother. Her youngest sister is five and her name is Nora. She's like my younger sister too; she's the sweetest and cutest girl I've ever seen. Kelly's other sister is Jane, and she's a pain in the ass. She's twelve and has such a bitchy attitude, and every time I see her I want to throw something at her. Ethan is her older brother. He's a year older than me and Kelly (he's sixteen) and I have to admit he's kind of cute. Kelly and all of her siblings look identical; dirty blonde hair, freckles, button noses, blue eyes, and naturally straight white teeth. None of them need braces. It must be a genetic thing.

I'm sleeping over at Kelly's today, and it's a tradition for us to have a sleepover every other day the entire summer. We're sitting on her couch in one of her living rooms, and we're watching TV, eating popcorn. She seems unnaturally quiet. I have a feeling it has to do with Zack.

"How was your date?" she asks in a flat tone.

"It wasn't a date. We were just hanging out."

She snorts disbelievingly and crams a handful of popcorn in her mouth. "What did you two do?"

"Ate ice cream. Talked. Played Truth. Nothing romantic."

Kelly's eyes are glued to the TV, but she looks slightly relieved. "Nothing at all? C'mon, even you can see he likes you."

I fix my gaze intently on the corner of the TV, silent, my face turning pink. Kelly sighs and switches the channel, and Degrassi comes on. She squeals happily. I groan and throw a pillow at her. She's majorly obsessed. She even writes fanfictions about it. I hate Degrassi with a burning passion. It's so lame.

I grab the remote from her and switch the channel. "No. We are not watching Degrassi."

"Hey!" she yells, and tries to wrestle the remote from my hands. "It's my house! It's my TV! You can't choose!"

"Watch me," I growl, and I start to tickle her. She shrieks loudly and her entire body flops around like someone chopping a chicken's head off. It's her greatest weakness, but it's also mine. She twists away and lunges at me, tickling me like crazy. I explode, giggling and screaming "Stop!", and she gets the remote.

"Ha!" she yells, her dirty blonde hair wild, and she holds the remote up out of my reach. Someone's hand grabs it from her, and I hear Ethan laughing.

"Give Arianna a break," Ethan chuckles, giving me the remote. His blue eyes twinkle at me. "Every time you two watch TV, it's always Degrassi. You force her to watch, like, every episode."

Kelly sticks her tongue out at him. I laugh and shut the TV off.

"I'm done with TV anyway. Let's go in the pool."

"Just to let you know, Nate and Rickey are here too, so we have to share," Ethan says, sauntering off towards the stairs. Kelly groans and says, "His friends are always here when we go to the pool. And they're not even hot!"

"Whatever. Let's go."

Kelly mutters, "Easy for you to say. You already have a hot guy." I ignore her.

Once we get changed we walk out onto the porch, and the pool looks extra blue in the darkness. Stars twinkle overhead, and you can hear the waves of the beach from here. Ethan, Nate, and Rickey are already in the pool, dunking each other and laughing. Ethan stares at me as we approach them, and when he sees me catch him he looks away quickly and randomly laughs. Okay then.

I put my towel down on a chair and cannonball into the water. A cold jolt goes through me but then I relax and float in the water. Kelly jumps in beside me. All of a sudden someone pulls me down and my scream stops when I'm under. I inhale a mouthful of water and I resurface, spitting it out. Everyone's laughing loudly.

"Who was that?" I ask calmly. Everyone points to Ethan. He grins nervously. I lunge at him and dunk his head under, laughing. His head pops back up and he's grinning like crazy.

"Okay, okay, we're even," he says, floating back towards Nate and Rickey. Kelly's shaking her head sadly.

"Ethan, you're so lame."

We stay in the pool for an hour. Every time I look over at the guys, I catch Ethan staring at me.

Kelly and I leave before the guys. After we shower we go in Kelly's room and snuggle up under her covers. Her bed is huge so we share when I sleepover. She, of course, has a huge flat screen TV attached to the ceiling, and we watch a movie. Ten minutes into it, Kelly suddenly says, "Ethan stared at you a lot today."

She noticed too? "Yeah, I noticed. Do you think he likes me?"

Kelly smiles sadly at me. "Oh, Ari, he's liked you since sixth grade."