I felt like writing this after listening to the song There's A Place For Us by Carrie Underwood but it's December in the human world and the Roberts family are getting ready for Christmas but Tiana and Ashulu have never spent Christmas in the human world but it's also about family and friendship.

I hope people like.

It was December and a while until Christmas but in the human world, in a certain house, Izz was waking up but in awe as he looked out seeing snow covering the area but smiled knowing that Christmas was coming and was a favourite holiday for him and his human friends and siblings.

He then decided to go to the forest for a while and enjoy the snow as he got downstairs and put on his black and purple hooded jacket but knew the rest of his family wouldn't mind as he'd be back before they woke up as he closed the front door.

Bronx sighed yawning as his snail like eyes opened as he was curled up beside Leah in bed but he had a feeling Izz was awake but had seen the snow and wanted to go out in it and knew how much his brother and other members of their family enjoyed this time of year but he was feeling a little sad but knew he'd been dreaming about his and Izz's parents again but shook it off as he knew that this wasn't the time to be thinking about that stuff.

He then left the room quietly as not to wake up his friend but entered the room where his two young children Ashulu and Tiana were sleeping soundly but he smiled as they were innocent and spirited just like Izz but knew they needed a mother but didn't think so but stroked Tiana's back gently but left them to sleep as he knew it was too early knowing they would be cranky unlike human five year olds.

He then went downstairs as he headed to the kitchen to make himself a coffee because he was pretty cranky when he didn't sleep so good and didn't want to yell at his family but sighed putting the kettle on.

His bat like ears picked up footsteps as somebody entered the house but Bronx knew it was Izz as the silver grey furred Psammead male smiled as his jacket was covered in snow as Bronx sighed.

"I see somebody had fun." he commented.

"Yeah I did.

It was snowing and I couldn't wait.

Are the others awake yet?" he asked.

Bronx shook his brown grey furred head.

"No they're asleep.

But they'll wake up soon." he said.

Izz then took off his jacket but noticed his brother didn't look so good.

But he knew Bronx was stubborn but would leave him alone.