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Leah laughed as she along with David were bringing in the Christmas tree they'd bought at the tree lot as Ashulu was in awe at the tree as it was silver but Bronx knew it was nice for a change knowing his brother had wanted the one like in Latanis but thankfully the rest of their quirky family had convinced him it was a good idea to have a different tree.

"Can we decorate it yet?" Tiana asked.

"We will honey.

But we're going to have hot chocolate.

You want to help?" Izz asked his niece.

"Sure." she said as they went into the kitchen.

Bronx sighed as he sat on the couch but wasn't feeling like himself as the brown grey furred Psammead male's head was killing him along with his throat hurting like heck and sneezing a lot but hadn't told the others as he could take care of himself but Leah sensed something was wrong with him.

"I-I'm fine honestly." he protested sneezing.

David saw her put a hand on his forehead but looked worried.

"You have a high fever Bronx.

Maybe you should lie down." she said.

"No I'll be fine." he answered.

David sighed as he and Yuri headed to the kitchen.

Izz wondered what was wrong with David as he and Yuri entered the kitchen as he saw him eating cookies while Ashulu and Tiana along with Carley were drinking hot chocolate.

He was in his normal Psammead form now they weren't out in public.

"Bronx is the matter.

Leah and I found out he's sick.

But he won't let us help him." he answered.

"That's just normal Bronx.

He thinks he's tough trying to do things alone.

But he just wants help." he told him.

David agreed as he saw Leah join them.

"You guys okay?" she asked them.

"We're fine." Izz answered.

She smiled as she'd used her Friendix to bring the tree decorations from the attic as they were in the living room waiting for them to decorate the tree but they would after their snack.

She hoped Bronx was okay as she knew he'd gone upstairs to their room to rest as he wasn't feeling so well but she decided not to tell Ashulu along with Izz and Tiana because they would worry about him.

"Ready to decorate the tree?" she asked them.

The other members of their family agreed as they headed to the living room but Izz wondered where Bronx was as he would worry about it later as he wanted to have fun with his family as they got to work.

Soon the Christmas tree looked pretty but Leah smiled at their work.

"We did a good job." she said.

Izz nodded but realised it was Ashulu and Tiana's bedtime.

"Aww do we have to?

Why can't we stay up?" Ashulu asked.

"Yeah why can't we?" Tiana said.

"Because if we did, you'd be cranky.

Plus you guys have school in the morning." Izz replied.

He then went upstairs with the twins.

Leah smiled using Arian magic to get rid of the boxes.

Later that night, Izz woke with a worried feeling that something wasn't right and it was coming from Leah's room as he climbed out of the warm bed and left the room but was quiet as he didn't want to wake everybody up as he opened the door to Leah's room gently but was worried hearing Bronx sneezing loudly and not himself as he shook Leah awake.

Her hazel eyes fluttered open seeing the silver grey furred male Psammead there as she had a feeling he was worried about Bronx but Izz looked scared but knew that they had to get Bronx to Skye in Aria.

"Portalus Openus." Izz said.

Heart Song emitted from his silver grey furred hand creating a portal leading to Aria and to the main city, Latanis.

Leah then picked Bronx up gently as she and Izz went through the portal as it closed after they went through it.