Chapter 1

Wolf grinned to himself. the hunter was close, stalking him though the woods like the pro he was. If it had been anyone else, he would have caught Wolf easily. Shame for him it was Wolf. Today, The hunter was the hunted today. If had been anyone else, the hunter would have been fine, but it wasn't anyone. It was wolf. Wolf was the guy super-naturals went to to get rid off there problems, and this guy was a problem.

Unluckily for wolf though, they wanted him alive. Tamed, and warned off hunting certain super-naturals but alive. Apparently the guy solved a lot more problems then he caused. Normally Wolf would keep clear off gigs like that. Too much could go wrong, with his temper and all. But then he saw a photo of the hunter.

That's when the hunter fate was sealed. Suddenly the gig turned into something Wolf could gain out of it. The others had understood the look Wolf had given the photo and grinned with him. They knew what he was planning, and they were fine with it, heck they were glad about it. The payers exalt words were, "Taming a hunters hard, so have as much fun as you can with this one. Need him out of the way for a five days as well if you can manage that. Just make sure he's alive by the end of it"

Wolf had roared with laughter at that one. Alive? He would be alive, no doubt about that. Wolf paused, the wind changing. There was a trap but ahead. Wolf grinned cruelly. Perfect. he could use the hunters own tools against him.

Wolf walked into the clearing and sniffed the air again. Sensing the hunter only seconds behind him, he jumped up a tree and hid, waiting for the hunter to stumble into the clearing, looking for him. Except he would be ready for him.

sure enough, seconds later, the hunter came into the clearing. Wolf held a breath, taking in the sight of the human. His hunter went by the name Luson Hoplen. Like with most hunters, his first name was his actually first name, however his surname wasn't. Politer all round that way, allowed the super-naturals to call them by surname freely instead of having to be told it.

According to his file Luson was 21, only two years out of Madiaer. Still a newbie by most standards, but this newbie had racked up an impressive success ratio with dealing with super-naturals.

Luson turned looking around for any sign of Wolf. His yellow hunter eyes narrowed in annoyance. Wolf smirked. Hunter eyes were the only sigh with showed the hunters weren't entirely human. Too human to be supernatural, to supernatural to be human, and hence they became hunters.

Idly Wolf wondered just what supernatural family the hunters bloodline was. Part of him hoped he was wolf, but he also knew that was unlikely.

Wolves, and a few other bloodlines tended to be too strong to create hunters intend of halfbreed. That's all hunters really were, the blood of super-naturals gone weak, but not weak enough to disappear. Strong enough to be considered threats though. But damn they had good uniforms. He licked his lips staring at the leather which fitted tightly against his slender frame, his pants getting tighter. He groaned inwardly as the hunter kneel down to search the ground for clues, getting a view of leather pants he had on stretching across his tight ass.

He smiled as a memory came to him of a Hunter woman he got ago with saying she would kill the guy who came up with the uniform, but she knew a lot who would buy the man a drink. Boy was he with them.

The hunter turned and walked further into the clearing.

"Looking for me boy?" Wolf asked, standing on the ground again, leaning on the tree casually. The hunter froze and turned slowly, to face him. Annoyance written on his face.

"could say that" he said calmly, stepping backwards, not in fear though.

"Care to give a name boy?" I ask calmly.

"yours first"

I shrug, "Fair enough I guess. Go by Wolf"

"Not much of a name" he commented taking another step back.

"A names a name, you of all people should know names have powers hunter boy" Wolf shrugged

"I guess, I go by Hoplen"

"That's better then wolf?" Wolf teased, his grin almost feral, making him shiver, "who came up with that one?"

"As you said a names a name" Luson shrugged, he glanced backwards. Wolf took the chance. Quicker the the hunter would be able to react he appeared in front of him and pushed him lightly backwards. The hunter yelped as he fell deeper then he should have. He fell into a pit only to fly back up as a net surrounded him.

Wolf laughed at the sight. He was hanging high up in a tree suspended by a net, most likely made of some agent to stop powers, and below him was a pit 10 feet down with spikes in the bottom, meaning if he fell he would mostly likely be impaled.

"Impressive trap hunter boy I'll give you that" Wolf grinned at him. The hunter stared back mutely, humiliation of being caught in his own trap, and anger burning in his yellow eyes. "Now now, your own fault. Anyway you should be more careful, especially after you started playing with the big boys"

"gr" Luson growled at him, sending shivers straight to his groin. Lusons eye widened as he noticed the tent in Wolf pants and began to struggle in the netting.

"Doubt that's going to work, well not if your a half as good hunter as they say you are" Wolf commented, "Now me and you need to have a little chat"

"what do you want?" yelled Luson after he only succeeded in turning himself upside down.

"Not what I want, rather what the people who hired me want. Though I'm not lying, I'm looking forward to it" Wolf said licking his lips suggestively. Luson blushed and continued struggling, against the netting. Wolf grinned at this and began to root around the hunters bag which he had dropped before Wolf had pushed him.

"Lets see, ah hear we go" Wolf pushed out some darts.

"Shit no wolf, leave them alone" the hunter yelled, fear in his voice.

Wolf smiled evilly at him and studied the darts. Some had different colours on them. "Ah let me guess, different colours for different species?"

Luson nodded slightly, paling as Wolf laughed. "Don't..."

"Then tell me which colour would be best to make you go asleep boy, or I'll throw any one of them and see what happens" Wolf threatened, smiling slyly. He knew what the colours meant. He knew that green would kill the hunter, and he knew the gold would drive the hunter into unbearable pain. He also knew the colour which would work best. But that would be to easy.

"You're a bastard you know that Wolf?" the Hunter growled out.

"I'll use this one then" Wolf said choosing the gold one.

"NO" yelled the hunter panicking slightly, "Blue aright, use blue!"

"But gold nicer" wolf teased evilly,

"Please not gold" the hunter whispered looking into wolf's eyes begrudgingly but begging all the while. Wolf took a moment to enjoy the helpless picture the hunter made and the embarrassment in the hunters eyes.

"Fine since you're being so nice about it" Wolf teased as he threw the blue one. Luson winced as it hit him, but was gone within seconds. "Good little hunter boy"