Chapter 25

Emio wasn't really a morning person. Normally that was fine, Asami had several bodyguards who took shifts looking after him. But he was meant to looking after him twenty four seven at the moment. SO he forced himself to wake up. Walking into the living room area, he was surprised to find it empty.

Considering there had been about thirteen people in the apartment a few hours ago, it confused Emio. The thing that did make him worry was the fact Asami was no where in sight either. Then he heard a yelled of pain followed by laughter.

Moving to the front door, he looked out to find everyone outside. Emio was last to get up. He looked at the time. It was eight in the morning.

"Morning Emio" Asami greeted, from where he was seated, drinking tea. He was sitting with a very pale looking Ralf. The hunters and wolven were going though martial arts stances. Or at least most were. Rayne was watching them carefully, picking on whoever wasn't doing them right. Which was mostly Peter.

Emio moved over to Asami and Ralf. "Morning sir. You feeling better Lord Ralf?"

"Just Ralf Emio." Ralf grumbled, "But yes, i feel better. Lewis did a good job healing me" He said it quietly so only Emio and Asami could hear. But Rayne's ears twitched suggesting he had overheard too. What Rayne wouldn't understand was the second meaning behind that statement.

It was a fact of live in there territories that the hunters were strongest in a group. In an full team of six they were almost impossible to defeat, hence why if someone managed to do so it spread far and wide. Zoya, on her own, was a force to reckon with. While her blood line was locked away in Amebella, she was a resourceful woman and it wasn't only hunter powers she could rely on. Seeing her in her own element was worrying.

If Luson's bloodline could become unsealed so violently, could Zoyas? Even now, while she was not completely bound outside of Amebella, she was showing sighs of having strength which could be a threat to the black court. The only thing really holding her back form being a threat was the fact she was a hunter and she lived by a code of conduit.

The mere fact that Lewis had healed him bore a lot of weight and all three men knew it. As a wanderer Lewis had no obligation to heal him. The fact Ralf was a vampire, and a half blood at that, was more then enough for many healers not to touch him. But he had healed him and calmed Zoya down.

"They are territorial" commented Asami as he sipped his tea, "The strays. But there appears to be a reason. I wonder what it is?"

Emio made a sound of agreement as he watched Rayne push Peter over, showing the weakness of his stance. He did the same to the hunters, all but Naime stayed standing. "Namie!" Rayne scolded as she climbed back up, "You've grown lax!"

Namie said nothing keeping her eyes on the floor. She knew she was failing to met the standards Rayne demanding from them. That they themselves demanded from each other. She moved back into stance, almost falling over again as Rayne kicked her legs further apart so she had a stronger on.

"With there own members I can understand" Emio commented, watching as James fell out of stance and moved to Peter. Gentle moving him into the correct stance, murmuring words of encouragement. "But including others?"

"I wonder who they class as theirs?" Mused Ralf out loud.

Rayne glanced at James but didn't say anything. James abilities were fine and he was a good teacher. Peter was only beginning to learn how to fight and Rayne was more concerned with ensuring his pups were up to standard.

"I'm guess the Strongthorn clan" Ralf continued, "Or else they wouldn't have allowed James to be classed as a pet. At least to outside eyes" Ralf was speaking in Black court dialect. A language rarely used and few knew. He didn't want to risk insulting a stray by accident.

All three sets of eyes looked over to the Strongthron clan members. All three were perfect in sync with the hunters as they moved. Rayne commanded them with a ease which suggested he was used to expecting the best from them. But the way he was with James? If you spent any time with the two of them you knew straight away they weren't like most relationships. They cared for each other in a way which meant they were strong supports.

"Zoya's twin, Drake. He is the leader of the white lilies" commented Asami switching to the language. "I don't doubt if any stray is in danger, he would come to there aid if none could"

"Then why isn't he here?" commented Emio.

"He doesn't need to be" Ralf commented. "Emio look at them"

Emio looked up at the strays again. This time looking with more then just his eyes. Ignoring Peter, all ten of the men and women in front of them were tightly bound in spirit. So closely bound that there powers overlapped. Which is when he understood.

"Will, Skill, Healer, Defence, Attack and Magic. If he came he would broke the balance they have"

"Correct" Ralf murmured, "But I wonder why they are all so broken? They are still young after all"

Emio blinked at that and had a closer look at them and saw it was true. Well maybe broken wasn't the right word, damaged was more it. All there souls showed scars which most people collection over decades. The oldest stray was 26 and admittedly he was the most scared, closely followed by Zoya. Even the happy going Lewis was badly scarred, the only ones not scarred badly being Peter, who didn't count and Byrain. The other nine were damaged.

"Maybe that's why then" Emio commented, "if they all have suffered over the years, That would be good reason to be territorial" His voice carried an egde of experience. Asami and Ralf nodded slightly. Emio had won his freedom from the hell pits. Only due to lick that Asami had brought his contract and Asami allowed people to win there freedom.

"Emio!" Rayne yelled, "Get your lazy ass up here with the rest of them!"

"Wha?" Emio said, before switching back to common tongue and repeating the question. He had no idea what the Clan lord was going on about.

"Get in to stance. You're meant to be a fighter aren't you? Now get off your lazy ass and get moving" Rayne ordered, storming over and dragged Emio up off his seat and pushing him towards the other who were frozen in the last stance. Emio glanced back at Asami who shrugged and went back to reading his paper. No help from his boss then.

Zoya had to stop herself from giggling as Emio was pushed into the line. He pulled a face but fell into stance. Rayne kept an eye on him, but Emio trained regularly. He needed little help to improve. He wasn't powerful, but he had reached the point where there was very little more he could do to increase his power. Still it was important for Rayne to learn what they people closest to his strays were capable off.

Then the wind changed and he snarled as he scented someone. Turning to the east, he growled loudly, alerting everyone something was wrong. "Wolf!"

"Calm yourself brother I did not come to fight" Wolf said, his voice calm as he walked out of the forest and on to the tarmac they were all doing stances on. He was topless suggesting he had ran here in his wolf form.

He took a step back as Lewis suddenly appeared in front of him, looking at him in the eyes. "um?"

"Thrall" Lewis commented before bouncing back to the others, leaving Wolf feeling a little confused. What had just happened? The others seemed to understand though.

"I am assuming that is something to do with the thing which has brought Peter into the mess?" Wolf commented, his eyes narrowed. He was unhappy, only just keeping his angry at bay. His world was screaming at him to attack Rayne and prove he was stronger. Screaming at him to drag Luson away and mate him. But his human half was more sensible Something was going on, and that needed to be sorted before anything else.

"Correct" Luson said, his voice dark. The look on his face was one which dared wolf to come closer.

"Brave ain't you? Surrounded by your friends" Wolf commented back, "But they won't be here forever Luson and I'd suggest you start watching your tone"

"That a threat?"

"You came here for a reason other then to fight?" Rayne said sharply, cutting off the conversation. There were more important things going on at the moment. He made a hand movement at Luson, not so subtly telling him 'not now'. Rayne wouldn't let it go, but now wasn't the time.

"My Alpha sends his regards and wishes you to met with him to discuss why you are here and the fight yesterday" Wolf said stiffly. He was not pleased at being made messenger boy. "He asks that Peter and Luson come with you"

Peter whimpered but didn't say anything. James, who still had been helping him with his stances, ruffled his hair. "If we refuse?" James demanded. Wolf glanced over him, a vaguely impressed look in his eyes.

Not from his looks but from how and the fact he had spoken. When a wolven, or sith, took a pet, hunter or otherwise, they were different to most races. They didn't want broken pets. Loyal but not broken. Fire and spirit were things that attracted them, to destroy it was a great shame. To see Rayne's pet, his spirit still burning brightly while it was obvious he was loyal to Rayne was an awe worthy sight.

"Do you mind if the boys uncle comes and sees him?" Wolf replied, "Juin is worried about him"

"Juin is always welcome at my apartment" Luson commented, his tone lighter. Luson had met many times with the Wolven. Usually when he picked Peter up after he had gotten into trouble with the human boys in the high school.

Wolf nodded his head, he was about to leave when he noticed the extra people. "You have more guests then I thought Hunter"

"My friends" Zoya answered, her eyes lighting slightly. Both Ralf and Asami blinked. She didn't hesitate that time. She was being serious, not joking with her friends. Both felt slightly relieved to hear her say that. Rivals aside, they did genuinely enjoy Zoya's company. But either missed the edge to her words.

"Territorial" Ralf murmured in black court to Asami who nodded.

"A Human, a leech and a half" Wolf murmured, "Interesting friends"

"I'm a hunter. I am not normal anyway" She defended, her tone a childish one. Like he had hit a sore spot.

Wolf's frown turned into a smile and he let out a chuckle. Those words had amused him greatly. "No, no your not" He laughed. He shook his head before diving into the forest, leaving the strays and there allies behind, feeling a little confused.