A/N: This is not as suicidal as it sounds

She was tall and skinny, with short, dirty, and uneven brown hair. Her stance coursed with the infamous Elvin pride, yet there was an air of distrust and weariness about her. Her sparkling violet eyes were set with a fierce determination and she looked like she could really fight.

He was going to die in this match. He knew it and he accepted it. That didn't mean he was going down without a fight. He raised his sword and she did the same. He went on the attack, but she was faster. A cut appeared on his left cheek. After that, he was on defense all the way. Block after block, never getting a blow in.

The next blow he caught, and strained to keep her sword on his. She smiled at him and whispered, "Wanna get out of here?" she then swiped her sword off of his and swung again.

After several more of these they caught swords. "Yes. How?"

"Aim for my throat, I'll aim for yours. Then faint." Without any time to ponder this, they stabbed simultaneously. He didn't even feel her sword as he fell to the ground, blood streaming from his neck.

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