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Freya's Admonition

It was there that I found him. Down below the deepest and darkest recesses of Her domain. It was almost fitting that this would be his chosen place of refuge. She watched me, as I spiraled down, down, down. Her dark eyes were on me the entire trek of my perilous descent. I glimpsed her only once. Hel; her body partly decomposed, her thighs and legs that of a rotting corpse.

But her face – ah! Her face…

The beautiful, alluring haunt of her face seamlessly linked to a perfectly sculpted torso.

Why she let me pass unscathed and undisturbed, I shall likely never know. Although, I had heard rumors among the other Vanir that Odin's strict banishment had left her hollow and lonely in this desolate realm. Glancing around at her now current – and permanent – abode, I almost felt sorry for her. Almost.

But dwelling on Hel's misfortune was not what I had come here for. No, I had come for him. For the trickster. For the god of deception and hatred.

But why?

I had asked this question to myself over and over again. Why?

I, the goddess of fertility and beauty. Of Love. And of lust.

I could not help but touch the ring strung around my neck. Brisingamen. Shining like liquid flame, illuminating my ever continuing path down, down, down. I had paid a lofty price for this adornment swaying so proudly above my breasts. A price I do not regret. The stout, dwarven faces of Alfrigg, Dvalin, Berling, and Grer flashed successively through my mind. Each face connecting to four separate nights.

I am the goddess of lust, and I get what I want.

Down, down, down.

I could feel that I was getting close. And after a journey that seemed like three eternities, I was there. I had arrived.

And it was there that I found him.

He sat there, against the stone wall, arms folded across his firm chest and his long slender legs extended before him. He sat there watching a still pile of bones in a far corner, his hooded eyes fixed. Not once did he look at me as I stood in the broad frame of the door. But he knew I was there, his eyes flickered ever so slightly as I approached. An arrogant and egotistical smirk played smoothly across his pale, beautiful face.

"Freya, you have kept me waiting far too long…"