Plot:The Organization is a proverbial thorn in the Task Force's side. The Task Force is determined to take the Organization down, come hell or high water. This is the way it has always been. But when a chance meeting between two members of the opposing sides occurs, everything begins to change. One thing leads to another and suddenly, both sides are struggling to come to terms with the sudden addition of a child to their world…A child both sides must share.

Setting: Planet Earth in a distant future where class lines are more distinct and men are able to become pregnant.

The bus stop was on the corner, no more than twenty feet from Bug's Fix-It. It was less than a minute's walk and easily visible from both the shop and the upstairs apartment. The uptown bus rumbled by every ten minutes or so, stopping to let people on and off in a steady flow. Its regularity was one of those unchanging, static things in life, some small comfort to creatures of routine.

It was not the first time Flynn had taken this bus. Nor would it be the last. But as he boarded it on the first Monday of the last week of August, something felt off.

It may have been the fact that it was his first day of college. Other times, he had taken this bus to the mall, the library, the grocery store. To places he went almost every day for the past ten years, places that were familiar and unchanging. College was something different; someplace he would go to begin his life. Perhaps that's why stepping up on to the bus felt different.

Or maybe it was his father's eyes, watching him from the upstairs window of Tori's building. High school had been safe. There had been security guards and metal detectors and other safety measures in place to keep out those who did not belong. There was no way to do so in college, and Flynn knew his father was worried about the Task Force trailing him, tracking him down and making him talk.

Or maybe…Maybe it was just the simple fact that in two hours, nineteen minutes and forty-seven seconds, Flynn would be meeting his destiny.

He just didn't know it yet.


It happened between classes, as Flynn was fighting his way through the ever-shifting crowd of students trying to find the right lecture hall.

He was studying his class list and trying to figure out if he was headed in the right direction as he squeezed between the other people, not really paying attention to most of them. He wasn't here, after all, to make friends, and besides, he never really fit in with others, so why bother?

Suddenly, some one crashed in to him, knocking him to the side. The perpetrator didn't even stop, just muttered a hurried 'sorry!' and kept on moving, shoving their way between clusters of students. Flynn stumbled, trying to find his footing, and fell right into another student.

"Ohmygosh, I am…" It was one of those moments where time stopped and he looked up into a pair of the greenest eyes he'd ever seen. "…Sorry." The young man he'd fallen into was adorable, with messy blond hair, a spattering of freckles and an easy smile.

"It's okay." That smile stretched across the other's face as he helped right Flynn, picking up his dropped class schedule. "It takes some time getting used to the crowds around here."

"Thank you." Flynn reached out to take the paper, blushing as a shiver of electricity ran through him as their hands brushed. He busied himself with stuffing the paper back in to his bag so the blond wouldn't notice, then glanced back up, uncertain and willing the blush away. "Um…You would not happen to know where IRC 4 is, would you?"

"Of course I do. C'mon." The older boy turned, indicating that he should follow, "I'm Chester, by the way. And you are…?" He glanced over his shoulder at his companion, again smiling pleasantly.

"Flynn." The redhead in question responded, following behind and hurrying to keep up with his brisk pace. Chester had longer legs than him and was practiced at maneuvering through the bustling crowd, and Flynn found himself hurrying to match his stride.

"Are you a freshman?"


Chester stopped abruptly and Flynn almost crashed into him again. "Well whadya know…" He turned, grinning down at the redhead, "Your class is canceled!"

"…What?" Flynn gently pushed him aside so he could see the note taped on the door for himself. 'Due to a family emergency, COMP 101 is canceled for today. The first day of class will be on Wednesday.'

"Lucky you!" The blond chirped, "It's really rare for classes to be canceled at all, let alone on the first day." He shoved the strap of his bag back up his shoulder, "So, since you don't have anything to do now…"

Flynn, who had been about to turn and leave, paused mid-step, glancing back at the older man. Had he felt it too? Or was it just that he was so pretty Chester would make a pass at him, like most others did? "Yes?"

"Want to go get a coffee or something?" Chester hadn't felt that tingly, love-at-first-sight feeling that Flynn had, but something about the younger man compelled him to prolong their time together. Flynn was attractive, sure, and that might have been it, but he didn't think so. Chester was generally not a shallow man; it must have been something else driving him to pose the question.

At the inquiry, Flynn smiled for the first time since they met, and Chester felt his knees go a little weak. The redhead had a positively devastating smile.

"I would like that." Flynn replied sincerely. And he would like it. Chester seemed so different from the kinds of men and women who usually took interest in him; most of them were only after him for one thing. Because of his appearance -and his resemblance to his father, who was fairly-well known in the industry- every one thought he would be an easy lay.

The truth was, Flynn was rather shy and awkward around his peers. He had a fairly isolated childhood; the Organization had been involved in some pretty nasty business when he was young and his father had schooled him at home to keep him safe. As a result, he never really learned how to interact with others his age.

"Come on!" Chester grabbed his hand, not even considering how the action may have been viewed, and dragged him out of the building, "I know this awesome place to get a mocha!"