Owen had a problem; he was trying to avoid the reality, and escape from the consequences of his actions, but it was the time to face the truth; it wouldn't be easy to admit, but there was no other way to deal with this strange situation. It was now or never.

"Why are all of you here?" Owen asked when he saw all his family co-workers and neighbors in his living room.

"We need to talk, sweetie..." Owen's mother replied

"Wait, what? What do you mean?"

"You can't deny the truth my son" Owen's father told him "You...you have a problem"

"No...that's not true..."

Owen was starting to feel a little nervous; all those judgemental eyes, looking at him, were probably the scariest thing he ever saw in his life.

"Come on my baby...I know it's hard to accept, I had to deal with this issue too, and it was painful...but you need help" His mother told him, almost crying because of her emotions

"No! I told you! I don't have a problem!"

"Oh please! Look at your eyes, look at your face...this is not a secret Owen..." His father exclaimed

"What's the problem with the way I look?"

"Well son...you look tired, you look sick...almost dead..." The father resumed his words

"Yes, yes" the Mother interrupted "I know you were using make up to try to cover your marks, but you're just looking worse and worse as times are going by"

"We have to do this because we love you, and we don't want to see you suffering anymore" One of Owen's co-workers told him...a lot more corcerned that what anybody would expect, but then again, this was a special case.

"We know you're a zombie Owen..." Owen's father told him

"No...I mean..."

"I could accept it if you were a zombie, or a ghost but...a zombie? How could you?"

"I don't know! Some of my friends started to hang out with the undeads and...and I couldn't avouid it...

"We're going to do this, go ahead with the plan...sorry son...it's for your own good..."

And then, everyone in the place revelead their guns, and opened fire until the boy was nothing but a screwed corpse.

Later, that night.

"You did the right thing" One counselor told to Owen's parents "In these times, we have to do whatever it takes to stop this plague: the zombie plague"

"I know, we're very thankfull" The mother answered "how can we...pay you?"

"Oh, please, just remember: this is a horrible illness, just cooperate with your friends and neighbors if someone else in your community has to deal with zombism"

Yes, everything in the end was fine but...the horrors of zombism are destroying families across the nations: THIS COULD HAPPEN TO YOU! STOP ZOMBISM NOW!

*Paid by the PNAUT (Paranoid Nutcases Against Unreal Things)