"She killed her first opponent in less than thirty seconds! She has survived longer than any Fighter in Loridel history! She is the country's favorite and most fierce Fighter! She is the Victor! She is Enris the Beautiful!"

The crowd went wild, cheering and screaming, yearning for bloodshed. The prince sat upon his throne, watching closely as a young, pretty woman walked into the arena, her beautiful body covered in armor and a spear in hand. She showed no emotion and ignored the crowd as if they weren't there. The prince noticed she avoided looking near his box at all and smiled an amused smile. He found her endearing.

"Her opponent is strong in will and strong in body," the announcer continued, yelling loudly above the cheers and jeers. "He has a bloodlust rivaled by no one. He has killed many without losing a drop of blood. He is next in line for the title of Victor Fighter. He is Lendel the Bloodless!"

There were cheers, but more boos as a mighty looking man stepped into the arena across from Enris. Unlike his opponent, he had no weapon and he soaked in as much attention as he could get. He waved at the crowd for more noise and posed for them all. His big muscles glistened in the blistering sunlight, making the woman across from him look weak and fragile. But every person watching knew she was anything but.

"Now…" the announcer slowly backed out of the arena, looking between the two Fighters. "Let the games begin!" As soon as he said that, he stepped into a box where bars slammed shut, making sure he wouldn't get hurt by a rampaging Fighter.

The two warriors circled each other. Lendel sneered at the woman before him. He knew what she was capable of. She was the only one who had survived for so long. She was the only one who had more kills than him. She was the only one standing in his way, and he wasn't going to sit back and let her keep the title that was rightfully his.

Enris watched the man circling her. He was big, definitely had more muscles than she did, but that didn't worry her. Since he had no visible weapons on his big body, she determined that he relied on his strength. She's heard that he was fierce in the battle field. There were rumors that he ripped a man in two. She didn't doubt that.

The crowd was getting agitated. No one had made a move yet. They wanted blood. They wanted action. Wanting to please the crowd, Lendel leaped forward, a pretend attack. Enris jumped away easily and slapped his back with the back of her spear. The crowd laughed and Lendel became angry.

Although the spear wasn't Enris's favorite weapon, she knew how to use it. Out of rage, Lendel lunged for her, fully intending to hurt her this time. Knowing that she would be whipped for killing her opponent in under two minutes, Enris dodged his attack and made a half-hearted swipe at his side. She knew that he would expect it, and sure enough, he grabbed the spear and broke it in two.

Now Enris had a broken spear, Lendel with the bladed half in his hand. The crowd went wild, loving the new twist and cheered Lendel on. Enris blocked out the noise, but she could see Lendel was pleased with himself. He gave her a nasty grin, showing off his rotting teeth and twirled the broken half in his hand. It was clear to her that he knew how to handle the weapon as well as she.

They circled each other some more. Lendel was waiting for Enris to make her move, but he didn't know that she never struck first. She knew he would break first. The crowd was getting bored again and Lendel did as she predicted. In an unprofessional move, he rushed her head on, the pointy spear tip headed straight for her. She waited until he was close before ducking and rolling between his legs. Her small figure and quick feet brought her smoothly up behind him before he realized she was no longer in front of him. Once again, she gave him a good sized welt on the back with the broken shaft in her hand.

Roaring in frustration, he turned around and came at her again. He reminded her of the boar she once faced as a little girl in the woods. He was coming straight towards her, one goal in mind: to skewer her alive. This time, bored with the game, she braced herself and waited for him to near. And then at the right moment, she crouched, lowering her head and bringing her broken spear up. She heard the familiar sound of skin breaking and bones crunching and a heavy weight pressing against her stance. She knew she hit her mark. The sudden pain in her shoulder told her he hit her too.

The crowd's screaming was deafening now and Enris opened her eyes. Blood ran down the staff she held and mixed with the sweat on her hands. Lendel's eyes were wide open, but Enris knew he was dead. She let him drop, pulled the spear out of her shoulder, and let it drop beside her. She remained where she stood, staring down at the man at her feet. She felt no pity. She felt no remorse. She felt no pride.

"And so our favorite Fighter hangs on to her title!" the announcer screamed to the pleased crowd. "Who can defeat Enris the Beautiful? Who can take the title of the most deadly Fighter this world has ever seen?"

The prince watched as two guards roughly put Enris in chains and led her out of the arena. There were more fights, but he wasn't interested in them. He saw what he came here to see and was finished. But he stayed in his seat, watching the Fighters kill each other without interest. The only thing on his mind was Enris and how beautiful she was going to be when he saw her that night.


So, this is nothing right now. I just came up with it and liked it. I figured it would be a good one-shot for now, although I'm sure you would argue that it would be a better novel. For now, it's going to stay as it is. Perhaps one day I'll flesh it out and make something of it. But I'm afraid that it'll end up being a lot like Spartacus or Gladiator. Don't need that right now.

I hoped you liked this. I don't usually write in 3rd person, but I actually liked this. Maybe I'll write in third person more often. Maybe I'll write action more often. I think I like that idea...