Just rediscovered this odd little poem. I actually wrote it a couple of years ago and never bothered posting. Dunno why, I mean, it's not like it's *weird* or anything. Heh.

advice of a dead pigeon

one day
as i was making my way
from the industrial estate to the park
i found myself Confronted
with a pigeon
it was a dead pigeon
rather messy
nothing you would want to look at
for any lengthy period of time
but as i bent over anyway,
to look at this small mash of feathers,
i caught its Eye

i thought this was rather odd;
but it was definitely Looking at me
and it said
inside my head
here's what to do, boy:
go out and fly
before you get tossed from the
turbulent Deep grey skies
and run over
by a smallchild
on a largeskateboard

Review? :)