Café Story character introduction

This section will be updated every time each chapter is posted to keep up with the characters introduced

Character info

Character 1 Cyan Fiore AKA The snarky girl-Swedish

Age 18

Height 162cm

Weight 47kg

DOB 13/3/1985

Blood Type O

3 Size 71/62/86

Part 1 update

Hair: Black, shoulder length

Eyes: Brown

Likes: Sarcatism, sketching, the Playstation 2

Dislikes: Annoying people, cooking, Cecile, Sam, dogs

Favourite Food: Chocolate Pocky

Least Favourite Food: Sashimi

Favourite Colour: Black

Description: That's the narrator of this story. This is my life between my friends, family, my part time cashier job and school life. I am mostly serious and snarky but I'm also the brains of the group so they have to rely on me on certain problems I'm not a cook so my sister Clara often cooks for me. I like my life simple

Character 2 Clara Fiore AKA Simple Chef-Swedish

Age 11

Height 164cm

Weight 39kg

DOB 15/5/1992

Blood Type A

3 Size 61/47/63

Part 1 Update

Hair: Short, dark brown dyed blue

Eyes: Purple

Likes: Cooking, café, sweets

Dislikes: Drawing, big men, spicy food

Favourite Food: Victorian sandwich

Least favourite food: Escargot, spicy food

Favourite colour: Yellow

Description: She's my younger sister and the chef of my family. She likes simple life like me. She taught herself how to cook for five years and I must say she's pretty good at it. Her ambition is to open a small café

Character 3 Sam Cornwall AKA That guy-English

Age 16

Height 165cm

Weight 58kg

DOB 3/3/1987

Blood Type AB

3 Size 80/65/81

Part 1 Update

Hair: Short, brown

Eyes: Blue

Likes: Cooking, being nice

Dislikes: No idea he seems to like everything

Favourite Food: Ice cream pudding

Least favourite food: None

Favourite colour: Blue

Description: He's a boy in my school. According to the girls he is 'perfect'. Tall, handsome, smart and a good cook with his number one fan being Cecile. This guy… What do the girls see in him? I think he's boring

Character 4 Cecile Albatross AKA Leet chick-English

Age 16

Height 148cm

Weight 38kg

DOB 14/3/1987

Blood Type B

3 Size 75/56/75

Part 1 Update

Hair: Knee length, golden blonde

Eyes: Blue

Likes: Cooking, internet chat, animals, sweets, eating

Dislikes: Sports, jocks, getting her cooking insulted

Favourite Food: Cherry float

Least favourite food: Seafood

Favourite colour: Pink

Description: The daughter of one of my father's friend. She's very stupid and somehow was taught how to speak through internet in the last two years after her father left her to go traveling. So now she only speaks in leet speak, for some reason she thinks I'm her friend and stalks me around. She also has a stupid crush on Sam her classmate

Character 5 Alicia Mach Myberg AKA Racing gal-Russian

Age 18

Height 160cm

Weight 48kg

DOB 3/5/1985

Blood Type AB

3 Size 72/58/87 Part 1 Update

Hair: Shoulder length black

Eyes: Red

Likes: Video gaming, kart driving, Bomberman, her red scarf

Dislikes: Mice, dogs, wimps

Favourite Food: Curry

Least favourite food: Green vegetables

Favourite colour: Green

Description: She's my childhood friend who moved to another school five years ago. Now she's back watching me and the others on our café job

Character 6 Patty Isabel-English

Age Late teens. Update: 17

Height 158cm

Weight ? Part 1 update: 47kg

DOB ? Part 1 update: 13/6/1986

Blood Type ? Part 1 update: B

3 Size 70/56/84

Part 1 Update

Hair: Shoulder length green

Eyes: Green

Likes: Bossing people around, girly stuff

Dislikes: Manly stuff, video games

Favourite Food: Tea

Least favourite food: Steak

Favourite colour: Purple

Description: Some spoiled brat I met today. Just who is she and what does she want from us? She is so annoying with her shrill valley girl speech

Part 1 update: This spoiled *beep* is the one ordering us all. She is one of the most annoying people I ever known. Spoiled bossy and demanding. At least she managed to put Cecile in her place cause Cecile can be pretty over confident with her alien sense of cooking

Part 1 Characters added

Character 7 Kennedy Homicide AKA Kenny-?

Age: 17

Height: 170cm

Weight: Looks fairly thin

DOB: ?

Blood type: ?

3 size: 81/63/78

Hair: Short orange

Eyes: Green

Likes: ?

Dislikes: ?

Favourite food: ?

Least favourite food: ?

Favourite Colour; ?

Description: Some poor kid Patty seems to know prior to meeting us all. She seems to dislike him. Apparently he is from a poor family

Character 8 Jo Homicide AKA Dumb kid -?

Age: 15

Height: 130cm

Weight: ?

DOB: ?

Blood type: ?

3 size: 60/47/65

Hair: Chin length black

Eyes: Blue

Likes: ?

Dislikes: ?

Favourite food: ?

Least favourite food: ?

Favourite Colour: ?

Description: The younger brother of Kenny. I don't know what to say about him save for the fact that he's unable to speak. I don't know if he actually really can't speak or an event made him unable to speak

Character 9 Missy Homicide AKA Pigtail girl -?

Age: 13

Height: 147cm

Weight: ?

DOB: ?

Blood type: ?

3 size: ?

Hair: Shoulder length, orange

Eyes: Green

Likes: ?

Dislikes: ?

Favourite food: ?

Least favourite food: ?

Favourite Colour: ?

Description: Kenny and Jo's younger sister for some reason she actually looks older than Jo. Which is easy to say since Jo looks like an eight years old. She seems very cheerful and peppy