Café story

Part 1

Patty ordered Sam, Clara and Cecile to make fruit tea today. Sam decided to teach Clara about tea leaves and tea powder.

'Alright Clara this here are tea leaves' said Sam holding a couple of tea leaves 'And these are tea powder, they aren't as good as the leaves' he pointed to a tin of tea powder.

'How come?' Clara asked.

'Well urr grinding tea leaves into powder makes them lose their flavour' said Sam as he dropped some sliced fruit into a kettle 'We are making fruit tea by Patty's request.'

'Patty…' Clara mumbled 'Say Sam what do you think about Patty?'

'She's cute' said Sam.

'Really? Because I don't like her' said Clara.

'Why?' asked Sam.

'Well she's an awfully bossy dictator, very very annoying and speaks with an annoying valley girl speech' said Clara.

'I see nothing wrong with her' said Sam.

'You are too kind Sam…' Clara moaned over Sam's martyr like ways.

Sam didn't really noticed Clara's sarcastism but he did notice Cecile crying 'Cecile?' he said 'What's wrong?'

'D7 6!r1 w$ $0 m3n 2 me…' Cecile sobbed.

'Aw Cecile I'm sure she didn't mean it' Sam consoled her.

That cheered Cecile up. She got up and said cheerfully '1'11 m3k fru!7 73 7h3n!'

Well she read through the book for awhile and added the WHOLE bunch of fruit into the kettle. How all of them managed to fit in I have no idea.

Patty started to lose patient by now 'Alright chop chop like get to it' she snapped.

Alicia started to sweat hearing Patty ordering us around while Sam was getting the tea samples ready.

After he got the strawberry, apple, lemon, orange, mixed fruits and cherry tea samples ready he chirped 'Alright tea is done!'

'Good' said Patty delivering the tea to the counter.

Shortly after she delivered the tea Cecile ran out screaming '! m3d 73!' while shoving a few cups of boiled water with leaves and fruits in it making Patty mad. Again.

'THIS IS NOT REAL TEA!!!' she screamed 'Like do it again…'

Cecile started to cry again. How lame…

'Well this is somewhat interesting' said Alicia.

Patty frowned at our 'lame' effort. Suddenly a nasally voice chirped 'Hi everyone.'

Patty turned around and saw a red haired boy with bandages on his face 'Kenny?' she said.

'Hi Patty! It's been a while since I last saw you' said the boy.

Patty stared at him. Suddenly she snapped at him 'Kenny you are so like dirty get lost!'

'Aww…' the boy groaned.

'Not fair you little brat' said a girl with red hair in a blue dress.

Whoa strangers… I dragged Alicia closer whispering 'Say Alicia… who are these three people?'

'That red headed guy is Kennedy Homicide, the little kid is his brother Jo Homicide' said Alicia 'and she's Missy Homicide.'

'Homicide how kid friendly…' I said in a dry tone.

'H3y M!$$y h0w 0ld r u?' Cecile asked.

'I'm thirteen' said Missy.

'Seventeen' said Kenny.

'So how are you? Seven?' I asked Jo.

'Actually he's fifteen' said Alicia.

Cecile was shocked to hear he is fifteen since she's only a year older, yet he's a head shorter than her and she's pretty short herself…

'H3 $ur 1uk yun6' said Cecile.

'And he's stuck dumb too' said Alicia.

'Struck dumb?' Clara asked Alicia.

'Alicia closed her eyes and refused to tell us why Jo was 'struck dumb.'

'Well it's time' Kenny suddenly announced 'Well it's time to go home.'

'Yes big brother' said Missy as all three of them left the shop.

I stared at the three kids. Just who are they?

Meanwhile Alicia decided to ask Clara if we need a waiter which Clara promptly agreed. Alicia has joined the team…

To be continue